Everything you need to know about the PAX Era Life

It’s rare for a West Coast stoner to be unfamiliar with the PAX brand. The pocket-sized hand-held flower and oil vaporizers are ubiquitous with dedicated non-combustors and trunk hunt extract users, and the high profile farm collabs have kept their proprietary cartridges consistently relevant.

Now the PAX line has been expanded again to include the PAX Era Life, the most optimized device to date, designed for a wide range of cannabis oil users with simplified functions and unparalleled ease of use. With its relatively low price, simple features, and sleek simplicity, the PAX Era Life brings high quality weed technology to an entirely new and potentially far wider audience.

What is the PAX Era Life?

The PAX Era Life is a compact cannabis oil vaporizer that uses proprietary PAX cannabis oil capsules for vaping.

It’s a compact, streamlined, and more affordable version of PAX’s popular Era Pro pocket oil vaporizer. The two vapes look equally elegant, with the Era Life being about an inch shorter than the Era Pro. The scaled-down features of the PAX Era Life make it the easiest to use the PAX vaporizer. Just plug a PAX pod into the open end of the device, reinsert it to choose one of four temperatures, and draw.

The Era Life shares most of its basic functionalities with the Era Pro, apart from the high interconnectivity of the Pro via the app. The Era Life doesn’t offer app connectivity and so it lacks those fancy app control options like low pod warnings or child locks.

What the PAX Era Life lacks in decorative technology it makes up for with long battery life (up to 150 hits per charge), relatively low cost ($ 35), and flashy new color options like indigo, grass, or blaze.

What are PAX pods?

PAX Pods are the exclusive cartridges used by PAX vaporizers. PAX uses a proprietary design for its pods with SimpleClick Technology that allows users to plug their pods into their devices to select a temperature and then instantly draw from it – no warm-up required. Higher temperatures nominally blow through concentrates faster than medium to low settings, but the pods are overall durable and deliver more than two weeks of inhalation for daily low temperature tokens.

Authentic PAX pods can only be used with authentic PAX devices and vice versa. PAX Pods consist universally of first-class extracts from reputable farms and – depending on your location – are often available in extracts that cover the cannabinoid spectrum.

How does it work?

The PAX Era Life is the most scaled-down of all PAX devices and arguably the easiest to use PAX device. The Era Life is ready to use straight from the package. It’s as easy as plugging in a pod and getting a hit.

Charging the PAX Era Life

The PAX Era Life arrives on a 4-inch charging cable, and while mine arrived via USPS, it was about half charged. After depleting the unexpected power boost, it only took 45 minutes to fully charge the lithium-ion battery.

  • Like other PAX devices, the PAX Era Life has an X-shaped light on the front. Each of the four arms (or “petals”) of the light shine independently to alert the user of the battery percentage. Each arm represents 25% battery life.
  • The upper left arm of the X will flash red when the device’s battery needs to be charged.
  • Charge the PAX Era Life by connecting the cable to a charging station, power plant or USB port on your computer.
  • All four arms of the illuminated X will flash gently when the device is charging.
  • Once the X is fully charged, all four arms of the X will glow bright white for a few seconds, fade and repeat.

Changing temperatures

Similar to its siblings, the Era Life works at four different temperatures depending on user input. Note for beginners: Extracts vaped at lower temperatures create robust flavor profiles and gently sloping highs, while steaming at higher temperatures can cause a wild, passed out onset. Set your preferences accordingly.

  • The “pop and click” method of carefully releasing your pod and then snapping it back into place activates the temperature control of PAX Era Life.
  • With every crack and click, one of the aforementioned arms of the glowing X lights up on the body.
  • Once you’ve selected your temperature and clicked it, the PAX Era Life is ready to use.

Temperature range:

  • One click, one petal, low temperature = 520 ° F.
  • Two clicks, two petals, low / medium temperature = 610 ° F.
  • Three clicks, three petals, low / high temperature = 700 ° F.
  • Four clicks, four petals, high temperature = 790 ° F.

How to clean the Era Life

Since the PAX Era Life is an oil vaporizer that only uses PAX capsules, cleaning really focuses on the case, which can be wiped with an antibacterial cloth, a damp cloth or, if necessary, with the hem of a T-shirt.

Like most vaporizers, the mouthpiece is an integral part of the cartridge independent of the vaporizer and as such is disposable and does not pose a major cleaning requirement.

What’s the attraction?


Style, discretion and a better life through technology are at the heart of the PAX trademark. With the introduction of Era Life, that ethos is expanded to include accessibility. PAX products already have quite a lot of appeal, but by removing a major barrier to ownership – like price – PAX appears to be able to capture an even larger number of oil users.

The bright colors, the reduced functions and the functional simplicity make the PAX Era Life attractive not only for users who value a durable, fashionable and discreet device, but also for first-class extract lovers, amateur vape lords and even novice cannabis users prime inclinations. Even established fans of PAX products can appreciate the simple seriousness of this device. No apps to download and decode, no melodramatic cleaning problems, and no gambling with an extract from an unknown rogue farm.

Conclusion: All along the line, this should be the most attractive device from PAX to date.

Photos courtesy of PAX

Check out the Pax Era Life on pax.com.

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