Everything you need to know about the Hydrology9 NX vaporizer

The Hydrology9 NX vaporizer from Cloudious9 is the new and further developed version of the Hydrology9 with two functions for flowers and concentrate. This all-in-one device stays true to the sleek and smooth design and functional technology that the company is known for.

As with their original model, the water filtration function ensures that every hit is cooled. Perfect for those who are steam sensitive or just want a luxurious, smooth vaping experience.

Below is everything you need to know about the Hydrology NX.

What is the Hydrology9 NX vaporizer?

The Hydrology9 NX is an electronic liquid filtration evaporator that can be used with dry herbs or concentrates. There is an internal heating system as well as a leak-proof inner chamber surrounded by cold water to cool the vapor down before you inhale.

The whole part fits together like a glove with a few different parts, including two interchangeable chambers: one for flowers and one for concentrate. It’s small and light enough to be easily portable and discreet enough in its design to blend in with all kinds of activities.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s a cinch to use while maximizing your supply.

What’s in the box:

  • Assembled vaporizer with silicone sleeve
  • Heating chamber inserts (flower and / or concentrate)
  • Magnetic charging set
  • Tool and cleaning set with loading tool, brushes, silicone spare parts and magnetic mouthpiece cover
  • User Guide

How does hydrology9 work?

The Hydrology9 NX has a few moving parts depending on whether you want to use flowers or concentrate. However, setting up for both is easy and quick.


The vaporizer is delivered already assembled, with each module fitting together perfectly. However, you need to unscrew the top to fill the water chamber to 70%. The no-spill design ensures that no water gets into other parts of the device.

Once it’s filled with cold water, it’s time to select and deploy either the fan heater sprayer or the concentrate sprayer.

The flower sprayer can be pre-installed and comes with a cover to keep the flower snuggly in place. The concentrate sprayer comes with a quartz and ceramic beaker to choose from and a magnetic carburetor cap on top of the mouthpiece.

How to use


There is a circular main button for turning the Hydrology9 NX on and off. The temperature is regulated by turning the ring at the very bottom of the device.

The temperature preset range is represented by blue (lowest value), light blue, yellow, purple, red, and white (highest value) and depends on whether you are using the concentrate or the flower sprayer. This is automatically recognized and adjusted by the device itself.

The temperature range for concentrate is 450-750 ° F while the range for flowers is 324-468 ​​° F. To activate a heating cycle, turn the rotary knob to set the desired temperature preset, which is indicated by the flashing color-coordinated light. When the light is solid green, you’re ready to go. As always, lower temperatures favor the taste, while higher temperatures provide stronger effects.

The Hydrology9 NX will stay at the set temperature for two minutes before going into standby mode for one minute, indicated by a solid blue light, before cooling down to end the session. If this option is activated, the automatic shutdown is activated after 10 minutes.


The original Hydrology9’s charging adapter has been updated for this new model and is now magnetic, making it very easy to connect. The device will flash red while charging and green when fully charged. The full charge is reached after about an hour.

How to clean the Hydrology9 NX

The scope of delivery includes a cleaning set with high-quality tools, just like the previous model. It is definitely a bonus that these tools are included rather than offered as expensive add-ons. The brushes in particular facilitate thorough cleaning of all machine parts when necessary.

Keeping the body and water chamber clean is easy: shake it with clean water and let it dry completely between uses. For the flower sprayer, brush out any excess material, being careful not to remove any debris from the airflow holes. For the concentrate sprayer, the ceramic and glass chambers are removable and can be wiped down with alcohol or soaked and cleaned if a lot has accumulated.

It’s also important to keep the airflow chamber free of debris and clean, especially if it becomes clogged after using concentrates. This is easy as it is easily accessible and comes with long and custom-fit brushes.

What’s the attraction?

The new and improved version of Cloudious9’s original invention features notable improvements, not least the double functionality for flowers and concentrate. It’s evident that every detail of the Hydrology9 NX has been carefully thought out, from the tight-fitting parts made from high quality materials to the magnetic details that make it fun and functional.

In practice, the heating technology, which is heated from all sides, is efficient, maximizes your materials and ensures consistently full hits. The water cooling function makes it as good as possible like an electric bong. Another bonus is the toolkit that came with the device. Likewise, a replaceable battery extends the life of the entire device with the purchase of a new battery instead of having to buy a whole new device.

You can only buy the Hydrology9 NX with the flower or concentrate sprayer and toolkit. However, it’s worth buying the full set for an additional $ 30 and essentially getting two devices in one.

At $ 300 for the double capacity setup, the price is affordable for the versatility, function, and design that it offers.

Find the HydrologyNX on cloudious9.com.

Images courtesy of NisonCo

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