Easily prepare cannabis oil in a slow cooker

How about combining the magic of the slow cooker with the benefits of cannabis? A match made in chill heaven

Marijuana has become popular in the mainstream, but not as popular as the slow cooker. Over 70% of households have one, and the last major statistic from 2019 states that approximately 11.6 million slow cookers were sold in the United States and Canada. The slow cooker, originally known as the Crock Pot, was introduced in the 1940s and has become a staple ever since. But how about another use? Making cannabis oil in a slow cooker is easy!

Cannabis oil has countless uses, from massage candles to pizza sauce, and the benefits of incorporating some CBD into your diet are endless, as are its uses in cooking and salves.

Luckily, making cannabis-infused oil at home is easy, especially if you have a slow cooker. The recipe is easy to remember: you need two cups of an oil of your choice for every ounce or one and a half ounces of grass. Adjust the amount of marijuana to your liking and choose the oil whose flavor you like best – coconut and olive oil are best due to their high fat content as they absorb all the good cannabinoids.

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Next, grab your slow cooker and throw in the oil. Next comes the grass! Don't panic if you throw in even an ounce of good weed, it will be great. Mix carefully, cover and cook on the lowest setting for three hours. Allow it to cool and then repeat the heating process again for a stronger effect.

It smells everywhere, so keep the environment friendly (or be prepared to light some uninfused candles).

When you are satisfied with the effectiveness, strain the oil from the leaves. Now you can try one of our oil-infused recipes!

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