Drinking THC: What You Should Know Before You Try

As new cannabis-based beverages hit the market, there are more and more people in pharmacies asking about the method of dispensing fluids. Citing a $ 4.4 billion legal cannabis market, the Long Beach Business Journal said sales of cannabis on a liquid basis will skyrocket.

“According to Seattle-based cannabis analyst Headset, sales of cannabis-infused beverages rose 40.3% last year compared to 2019 in all states where recreational cannabis is legal. that increased by 39.4% in the same period. ”

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For the average consumer looking for new ways to consume cannabis, liquid-based offerings can be exciting. When THC-infused beverages hit drug stores and beyond, there are three things you should know before you indulge yourself.

THC-based drinks can be tricky

Cannabinoids in THC present a challenge in liquids like alcohol. CBD and THC do not mix easily in a liquid and are fat soluble. This creates barriers when their presence in beverages becomes a reality for many companies. Rolling Ston was reported in April 2020 After doing research, THC-infused beverages were having their day, and more companies were exploring partnerships and offers.

When combined with alcohol, THC can take a hit

According to a 2015 study by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), any amount of alcohol can raise THC levels in the blood. Interestingly, it’s not just alcohol that affects THC. A 2018 study by Northwestern University found that coffee also affects metabolism and THC.

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When THC was combined with coffee, the body’s metabolites and neurotransmitters in the body were depleted – greatly altering what THC does to the body itself. While it’s not legal to mix THC with alcohol for sale in the U.S., many bypass the law, marrying the two on-site in bars or otherwise – like using hemp- or cannabinoid-based ingredients that don’t contain THC .

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The high can take patience to reach

Depending on the consumption method, drinking and eating cannabis-infused products may take longer before an effect is noticeable. This can often lead to people having bad experiences with food – especially if a person overdoses.

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Reading the labels carefully, asking questions at the pharmacy, and understanding how cannabis affects the body are all important steps before you partake in THC. If you don’t feel the way you imagine, consult the packaging of the product and don’t be afraid to ask questions about where you bought the product. Simply ingesting more products can have undesirable effects like paranoia, upset stomach, and more.

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