Does weed vape more healthily than smoking?

Vaping cannabis is a modern alternative to smoking joints. By vaporizing the cannabis, the dry herbal flower material is heated to a temperature below the point of combustion. A stream of steam is created, which is sucked in through the mouthpiece. There are many different types of vapes, but the most common these days are dry herbal vape pens.

Is Smoking marijuana better than smoking cigarettes? “Better” is subjective. They are completely different so it depends what you want from the experience – but they can all damage your lungs! This is one reason that vapes, or “vaporization” of marijuana, have become increasingly popular in recent years. But what is vaping and is it safe?

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Which one is less harmful?

Based on the evidence available, smoking appears to be more harmful than vaping on joints. However, this does not mean that vaping is not without risk.

People who atomize marijuana with vapes believe it has health benefits and finds it safer and less harmful than smoking joints. In addition, cannabis vapes are explicitly intended for inhalation and are free from harmful tobacco poisons.

But what do the researchers say? Will vaping reduce the absorption of potentially harmful toxins like tar and carcinogens into marijuana joints? From the few studies done on marijuana vaporizing over the years, they all conclude the same thing. This vaporization produces fewer carcinogenic compounds than smoking marijuana. Although cannabis smoke is often considered to be less toxic than cigarette smoke, both share many carcinogens.
A 2007 report in Science daily showed that “Marijuana smoke contains significantly higher levels of several toxic compounds – including ammonia and hydrogen cyanide – than tobacco smoke.”

It is therefore logical to assume that it can cause similar lung and breathing problems.

One of the earliest studies comparing smoking to vaporization based on self-reported symptoms of smoking showed a lesser effect on breathing from vaporization.

Benefits of vaping

The most obvious reason to think about smoking is for health, but there are other benefits as well. With vaporized cannabis, you can taste different strains of cannabis and control the temperature. This is generally more convenient and discreet than smoking.

  • Stronger Flavor: Steam usually produces a more pronounced taste than smoking. You can get a better taste of the terpenes and cannabinoids of each strain, and smoking kills the taste and nuance of each strain.
  • Temperature control: most Weed evaporator have adjustable temperature settings that allow you to control the temperature throughout the process. Finding the optimal temperature for the censer takes trial and error, but can produce a number of effects, from mild and uplifting to a more intense euphoric experience.
  • It’s safer than smoking: according to current research, vaping is better for your health and you don’t need an open flame. If you’re health conscious but want to hit some herbs, making the switch to vaping is easy.
  • No lighters / matches: Vapes don’t need an external heat source, so you’ll never get stuck outside without a lighter. Plus, there is no risk of burning yourself or anything else.
  • Discreet: One of the great attractions of vaping marijuana is that it doesn’t produce as much odor. If you steam at lower temperatures, the steam will smell much less than smoke. So, if you want to avoid getting noticed, it is a good choice to use.

The downside of vaping

There is limited data on the long-term effects of vaping as it is relatively new.

Vaping still brings something into your body, and that comes with risks:

  • There have been several reports that vapors pose long-term health risks and can damage the lungs, but it is not yet known. Because of this, in 2019 health officials began investigating whether an outbreak of serious lung disease could be linked to e-cigarettes and other vaping products. This was later linked to an additive in some e-cigarette or vaping products containing THC. However, dry herb vaporizers were not related to it.
  • When your vaporizing free radicals are released into the body, they can promote the development of cancer.
  • Weaken the immune system.
  • Retardation of brain development in fetuses, children and adolescents.
  • Future research could show that vapors can have other long-term health effects that scientists haven’t yet discovered.
  • Some have also reported exploding batteries due to faulty batteries, but many of them weren’t made well in substandard products.

Benefits of Smoking

The main advantage of smoking compared to vape is that it usually has a stronger overall effect. Smoking doesn’t require a lot of investment either. Plus, the entire smoking ritual can be addicting – roll up a joint or pack an herb in your favorite glass bong. This is another reason why some people still smoke the old fashioned way. After all, smoking is relatively inexpensive to maintain and easy to roll up your wrist or a cigarette and is the most portable way to smoke.

  • No Investment Required: No upfront investment is required to smoke unless you buy a large glass bong. It’s a lot cheaper to buy rolling papers, and all you need is your weed to be a cockroach and a lighter. It’s that easy.
  • Smoking is a ritual: the entire process of rolling, packing, and smoking can become almost a ritual. For some people, this routine can be difficult to break.
  • No learning curve: Smoking is accessible and doesn’t require much practice. Anyone can light a joint or bowl. Vaping weeds can be a bit of trial and error. In order to find out what temperature is best for the different types of herbs you want to meet, you will need to invest some time in acquiring the experience and knowledge.
  • Low maintenance costs: tubes or vapes require routine maintenance, e.g. B. Cleaning. On the other hand, the maintenance costs of the connections are not only rolling but also relatively low.
  • If you forget to charge it and run out of power, your vapor will be useless.

The downside of smoking

In the long run, smoking will cause great harm to the body:

  • Reduce sperm count
  • Increased risk in pregnant women that their child could have a congenital disability
  • Increases the risk of cataracts
  • Impairs the function of the immune system
  • Exacerbation of systemic inflammation
  • It can cause cancer in almost any part of the body, including the lungs, kidneys, and stomach
  • Trigger an asthma attack
  • Causes clogging of veins and arteries
  • Increases the risk of stroke
  • Reduces a person’s overall health, which can lead to other medical problems.

Is Vaping Weed Better Than Smoking?

“Better” is very subjective, but the majority of studies would suggest that it does less harm. For example, if you are looking for a safer, more discreet way to smoke, or if you are a medical marijuana patient, this might be for you. But smoking is the cheapest way to do it. Just think of the disadvantage that comes with it.

The choice is yours, but every smoker should at least try to vape to see if they like it. The difference between smoking marijuana and smoking vaping marijuana can be huge. With a good steam, the taste becomes milder, with different flavors being perceived more strongly. Terpene connoisseurs starting to use vapes It will be difficult to get your precious buds back together instead of enjoying every drop of flavor.

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