Does TicTok's Sleepy Girl Mocktail work?

When things go viral, they can have an impact. TikTok is available in over 160 countries, has over 1.1 billion users and has been downloaded over 220 million times in the US alone. The age of their audience starts at 13 years old. A multitude of trends, health tips and beauty secrets have swept the planet – only to come and go. But most of the hacks, tips, and secrets come from people who may not be experts in the field.

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TicTok is more than entertainment. When young people want to know something, almost 40% of them search on TikTok and then Google. According to a recent survey of 2,000 adults by CharityRx, a third of GenZers consult TikTok for health advice and another 44% use YouTube before consulting their doctor.

With this information, does TicTok's Sleep Girl Mocktail work?

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However, it's a shaky pseudoscience that's going viral (sorry, but rubbing banana peels on your face won't give you wrinkle-free skin). So you need to get verified from an outside source before getting your hopes up.

This also applies to the so-called “Sleepy Girl Mocktail” that is making the rounds on the Internet. Proponents say the combination of tart cherry juice, magnesium powder, and a sparkling mixer like sparkling water or prebiotic soda is a match made in heaven for good sleep. In addition, the effect is the same for both genders.

And it might actually help. “There is solid science to support the idea that a drink like this could help you relax and potentially fall asleep faster,” says registered dietitian Devon Peart, RD, MHSc. “But it is not a cure for insomnia or a sure antidote for poor sleep.”

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Magnesium supports nerve and muscle function, regulates blood pressure and helps maintain good bone health. It also helps increase the amount of water in the intestines, which can aid bowel movements. Due to these properties it can be used as a laxative. Additionally, there is evidence that tart cherry juice may help with sleep, reduce inflammation, and potentially provide other health benefits.

Sleepy Time Mocktail Recipe

  • 1/2 cup pure tart cherry juice.
  • 1 tablespoon magnesium powder.
  • Some carbonated drink, for example a prebiotic lemonade or mineral water.

Just stir, sip and hopefully enjoy a restful night's sleep

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