Does John Cena use weed?

He's been hailed as the new “Rock”… but is John Cena sitting back and consuming weed?

John Cena is having a moment. People are raving, his star is rising and he could be another rock. That's something considering he built an empire worth over $800 million. Like The Rock, Cena isn't afraid of hard work, laughing himself, or comedy. But does John Cena use weed? Would it work with his squeaky clean performance?

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He started out as a wrestler and signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2001. In 2018, he turned to wrestling part-time to focus on expanding his career as an actor and rapper. A record 16-time world champion recognized by the WWE, Cena is widely considered one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

WWE hasn't mandated marijuana testing in ages, which was cited by players. Although cannabis is not uncommon in the entertainment industry.

Cena has sharpened his image and, in addition to his current films, has made good-natured appearances on the Today show. His most recent film, Ricky Stanicky, is heavily comedic. He was a presenter at this year's Oscars while also giving a nod to a speedster who performed 50 years ago.

Cena has long denied taking drugs, including steroids. But the rumor about his steroid use continues to follow him like the scent of a skunk. He actually drinks alcohol and has developed a reputation for being able to throw down large amounts of alcohol and still be able to function. But it appears he either didn't use marijuana or kept it very, very low.

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We know that in honor of the April 20th “holiday,” he was on the now-defunct Ellen show and played a game called “Marijuana Strain Or Show Dog.” The audience slurped it up and he seemed to enjoy the wink.

Even though it appears he doesn't consume, he doesn't seem to judge those who do and appreciate a good chill.

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