Do you have CBD? – The 5 Most Popular CBD Strains This Year

After a troubled 2020 year, you are dying to discover the best strains of CBD, specifically to give you much-needed relief.

The strains on this list have been carefully selected and studied. They can be used for personal and medical purposes. They are sure to produce the non-intoxicating effect you need in your daily activities.

However, before we dive into these 5 wonder CBD strains, let’s cover the basics.

CBD is the second most popular cannabinoid compound. It is common for its relaxing results.

CBD is a key ingredient in several cannabis products on the market today, particularly cannabis-based medicines.

These CBD strains and products can be taken orally or with a vaporizer. They can also be infused into flavor oils and foods to make consuming CDB safer and more satisfying.

High strains of CBD are strains of cannabis that are believed to have higher levels of CBD than THC. The ratio can be up to 10: 1, 5: 1, 2: 0 or more.

These strains produce calming highs with no very intoxicating effects. There are also CBD strains with ratios of 2: 1, 1: 1, there are few intoxicating effects to be felt here.

Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that does not cause any psychoactive effects in its user. It has therapeutic benefits. A high strain of CBD has many medicinal benefits that have not yet been fully discovered.

When incorporated into other strains of weeds, CBD seeks to reduce or counteract the effects of THC in the body.

With a CBD strain, you can be sure that there will be no side effects and there are several benefits to using the drug.

Some of the benefits of using CBD are:

  • Relieves tension

  • Prevents seizure episodes in children

  • Relieves chronic pain and discomfort in the body

  • Treats insomnia

  • Relieves stress

  • Treats mental disorders such as anxiety and PTSD

The entourage effects are also enhanced by the abundant terpenes in CBD trains and products. There are still some medicinal benefits to be discovered, though with more research we will get to them.

To make this list, the factors considered include:

  • the amount of cannabinoids present,

  • Effects, taste, aroma and appearance,

  • Cultivation and yield

This strain is easy to grow and has an appealing and stunning appearance. Bubba Kush is a CBD known worldwide for its excellent quality and high yield.

The system is well suited for different environments. It is a medium sized cannabis plant with dark colored leaves. There are an abundance of trichomes on the plant. However, the plant has a percentage of 8% THC and 10% CBD – with a ratio of CBD to THC of 1: 1.

Hence a reduced effectiveness, but a high relaxation effect.

The aroma and taste of Bubba Kush are earthy and fruity, strong and sweet. Completely different!

If you have trouble sleeping, this CBD strain is the perfect strain. It’s also an anti-inflammatory strain.

This is more like the “tonic of sedation”. This CBD strain has a ratio of CBD to THC in the range of 1: 1 to 5: 2. Both producers and users appreciate the unique genetics of this strain. In the user, it induces the fast-acting calming effect that is somewhat intense. It enables a relaxing evening after a day of chaos.

For growers, it is a medium-sized plant that can be grown indoors and outdoors. An average yield is guaranteed, provided it is harvested during the flowering period.

Cannatonic is popular as one of the best medicinal CBD strains available. Its aroma has earthy and citrus notes. Its taste leaves a sweet and sour note on the tongue when smoked.

# 3 – Harle-Tsu

This is a classic cross between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami – both of which are very potent strains of CBD. The CBD / THC ratio of this strain can be up to 20: 1.

The downside is that it can be very difficult to locate. But the impressive mood-lifting effects it produces are well worth the stress. It can be used by people who have muscle spasms, mental disorders, insomnia, and inflammation.

# 4 – Sour Space Candy

With a CBD percentage of over 20%, this strain of CBD has superior calming effects. It is one of the most sought after cannabis plants. It is often classified as a hemp flower in pharmacies where it is sold. This variety can be used at any time of the day or night. It depends on how well it works for you whenever you use it.

Sour Space Candy has dense buds with shades of green and purple in color.

Growers prefer this plant because it has a very high yield and is easy to cultivate.

Just a few puffs of this strain will cause a drowsiness effect that won’t last long but is enough to calm the mind and relieve pain in the body.

The Skywalker OG can have a CBD percentage of up to 26% or more. It is most commonly used at night as it has relaxing effects that keep the user sound asleep.

It’s one of the fastest growing strains of CBD and only takes 8-9 weeks to reach its flowering stage. They are short and dense plants with orange flowers.

All of the plants of this strain have many medicinal benefits due to their high CBD content. It is used to treat patients with chronic pain, increased depression and anxiety, and other mental disorders.

Skywalker OG has a recognizable spicy taste with a diesel-like aroma with sweet / candle-like undertones.

CBD strains, like their euphoric counterparts – THC strains, should be used in the right amount. For beginners, it is advisable to start with a strain that is low in CBD.

That way, you won’t be overwhelmed by the effects …

Visit the local pharmacies in your area to purchase any of the recreational and therapeutic drug CBD strains listed above.

Without a doubt, better CBD strains with higher CBD content will be developed soon enough. I can not wait any longer!







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