Discover that CBD and their ACTIVE brand are legendary, but how did they start? had to sit down with Discover CBD and discuss how they were conquering e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retail and franchising in one model. And how did your ACTIVE brand grow so big so quickly that it is becoming a brand for many consumers who want the highest quality CBD products?

1. How did you first hear about CBD?

Interest in the health benefits of CBD came early as the company’s founders are all Colorado-based and witnessed the influx of so-called “marijuana refugees” immediately after marijuana was legalized. Families began moving to Colorado and other constitutional states in hopes of finding treatments for their children with serious medical problems, particularly severe seizure disorders, to improve the quality of life. In those early days, medical marijuana products containing low levels of THC and high levels of CBD were the dominant treatment options. Because of the strict regulations and potential scars in the medical marijuana industry, the idea of ​​making products from hemp that naturally contain higher amounts of CBD took shape. This would lead to a major innovation push to develop products suitable for anyone looking for an alternative way to enhance their own wellness journey.

2. When did you start thinking about a business idea in CBD and cannabis and how did your friends and family react?

Founded in 2015, Discover CBD began as a collaboration between a married couple that now includes a robust e-commerce business, 5 brick and mortar businesses in Colorado and New York, and multiple franchise locations across the nation. Not only did the company take an innovative approach to creating B2C opportunities, but by ensuring that its products are sold under the Active CBD Oil name, the company opened the door to B2B opportunities that continued to drive profits. This forward thinking enabled the company to remain true to its original mission. Providing the highest quality CBD products so that anyone can discover the benefits of CBD in a safe, affordable, and discreet way. Active CBD oil products are available in stores across the country.

3. What advice would you give yourself now if you could go back 5 years and tell your former self something?

Focus on the long term goal even if the short term gains are huge. In the early days of the company, I knew where I wanted to take the business and kept investing in projects that supported those long-term goals. Even then it would have been easy to push for profit for the sake of profit and to build my personal success in front of the company. Instead, we continued to see measured growth and eventually financed the construction of an ISO-7 clean room for our manufacturing facility. As a company, we’ve taken reasonable risks to grow, but we’ve also weighed our needs against the cost of those risks to ensure we grow at a pace that will help keep the business going. With hindsight, this approach seems like common sense, but it can be easy to lose sight of long-term goals when the money comes in.

4. What were the greatest challenges in developing your idea into a company?

One of the biggest challenges for anyone looking to get into the industry is the gray area of ​​law that surrounds the entire process. The 2018 Farm Bill did a lot to allay business owner fears across the industry. However, without clear guidelines from the FDA, navigation is still very difficult. Many states have made it their business to decide how they will regulate the industry in the absence of federal guidelines to make navigation difficult. We have learned many lessons through trial and error. Not many business owners have an opportunity to recover from setbacks like losing a credit card processor, and the lack of a clear roadmap for business owners (including hemp farmers) cripples many aspects of the industry.

5. Do you think we’ll see full federal legalization in 2021 or 2022?

It’s hard to say when full marijuana legalization might come about. As more states approve marijuana, be it medicinal or recreational, or both, federal legalization seems both closer and further away. It seems that the federal government is content to allow states to develop their own regulations for the marijuana industry in a way that appears to be supported by a majority of the electorate. There are also more calls for the federal government to take a different approach to fixing the mistakes that ended with many people being jailed for marijuana crimes. Any federal legislation would likely need to take into account what states are already doing and balance demands for social justice within the marijuana community.

As for hemp, there is bipartisan legislation in place at the federal level that was only introduced this year to try to clarify regulation. We support all measures that create a level playing field in the hemp industry and enable companies interested in creating a quality product to do so in a clear and direct way. In this way, consumers are protected from those who just want to take advantage of the popularity of cannabinoids. Plus, companies that do things right can take advantage of opportunities that other companies in different industries take for granted, such as: B. advertise consistently or keep a bank account.

6. You have an impressive CBD shop with a variety of brands. How do you choose the providers?

We manufacture most of our own inventory under the house brand Active CBD Oil. This enables us to closely monitor the integrity of our products. Innovation is a central part of our corporate culture. As a team, we love to develop new products that align customer needs / wishes, industry trends and our unique understanding of cannabinoids. In other words, we work to develop products that are useful to consumers, as well as products that produce the results they want. It takes more than just a trendy product to grab our attention and creativity.

7. What advice would you give to someone looking to start using CBD or cannabis today?

The best advice I can give to anyone starting a business is to make sure you are ready to get started financially. There are many steps to starting a successful business, and those steps get more complex when it comes to the uncertainty and inconsistencies of the cannabis industry. It is very important to do the research beforehand to make sure you understand all of the laws that apply in your state and community. One way to get started without having to be all alone is to examine franchise opportunities. We have a franchise program that has opened several Discover CBD stores across the country. Our program includes step-by-step guides to keep new business owners on track as they approach the opening day. Whichever way you choose to open, keep in mind that you are unlikely to make a profit in the first year. If the financial burden seems too daunting, there is always other avenue to explore. For example, we also have a machine program.

8. How can people best contact you with a question? Email, social media?

We have so many ways to reach out to us that it’s actually harder not to contact us! You can email us at info @ removecbd, message us directly on Facebook or Instagram, chat live on our website, call one of our branches, or call the toll-free number 1-888-875-HEMP. You can also find various forms on our website for wholesale, dropship, franchising, vending machines and other B2B programs.

9. Do you have special coupon codes for readers?

We have a special discount code for your readers: CBDNOW. This code is valid for a 15% discount on a purchase at

10. When someone first orders CBD, what advice can you give them?

The best advice for anyone looking to buy CBD for the first time is to do their research before making a purchase. There are many different ways to use CBD. Knowing what you want to achieve can help you find the right type of product. CBD is often described as the lack of a feeling that can lead some people to believe that it isn’t working for them. The key is to find a product that addresses the issues you are experiencing in a way that is convenient for you, and then stick to it! Our customers often come to us with questions long after they have taken the products home and that’s fine. Another important point are laboratory reports. Years ago, many CBD companies didn’t send their products for third-party laboratory testing. Almost every company now states that they send their product for testing. However, when you look at the lab reports, you often find that only the CBD used to make the products has been tested and the results may be several years old. We always tested our finished products in batches before we put them on the shelves to test their effectiveness, among other things. This way, you will know exactly what is in the specific product you are holding.

Great, thanks for the time and knowledge!

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