Couples who use cannabis can increase their intimacy

The Karma Sutra describes many different ways to increase intimacy, and sharing marijuana is one of them.

Marijuana has been part of intimacy for over 1,000 years. One of the most important properties of THC is that it calms the mind and allows it to focus on the moment and the sensations. In a romantic interlude, it makes everything more interesting and adds a dose of fun. A couple who consume cannabis together can increase their intimacy and pleasure.

In India, marijuana was historically used extensively in sensual tantric rituals, yoga, and the intricate sexual positions of history's most famous erotic manual, the Kama Sutra. It laid the foundation for couples to enjoy both!

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A study from Stanford University found that people who used cannabis had sex more often. The study looked at 50,000 Americans between the ages of 25 and 45 and found a strong link between marijuana use and an increase in the number of sexual encounters. Other studies on sexuality indicate that cannabis can improve sexual quality. The medical implications of this study include the possible use of cannabis to treat sexual dysfunction, especially in women. Of course, this is more of a mild high than a full-on session.

A study titled “Marijuana Use Episodes and Partner Intimacy Experiences” examines the benefits of consumption. The 30-day study looked at 183 couples. They were asked to rate their affection for their partner. It turned out that couples who used cannabis together had more sex, showed more affection, and showed other signs of caring and support.

One way cannabis can increase intimacy is by reducing inhibitions and anxiety, leading to more open and honest communication between partners. While it reduces anxiety, it can also increase playfulness… which is great when both are in the same mood.

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Another option is to use marijuana lubricant. Products containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) not only moisturize the genital area, but can also increase sex drive, sensation, and sexual desire. They usually contain other ingredients such as coconut oil and tea tree oil.

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