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Edibles are very popular – Finding the right one for you is key!

With over 50% of the country's population having access to recreational cannabis, it has become mainstream. Over 85% of the population believes it should be legal in some form, and there is now a whole sober alcoholics movement in California. As access to legal marijuana increases, beer sales have declined and people are curious. According to the BDSA, nearly 50% of those who have used cannabis have consumed edibles – primarily a gummy bear.

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Not only does marijuana help you relax, unwind, or go on a fun trip, it also has clear medical benefits. Edibles are healthier for the body and lungs than e-cigarettes and smoking, but can produce the same results. Although smoking cannabis is slightly healthier than tobacco, it is still not a common habit. Additionally, edibles are likely to provide greater pain relief and a stronger response from your mind and body.

Edibles are portable and discreet, so you can consume them at a party, family gathering or on the bus. No fuss, no mess and you can pop one in your mouth. According to the BDSA, gummy bears make up at least 85% of the grocery market.

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Edibles manufacturers infuse their foods with marijuana in a variety of ways, most notably cannabutter and extracts. Cannabutter is the product created when butter or oil is infused with cannabis. This mixture is then used to make brownies, chocolates, etc. Cannabutter incorporates the benefits and limitations of the entire cannabis flower, providing you with the full spectrum of cannabinoids. This means that these types of edibles contain THC, CBD, and more, but also that they are more unpredictable.

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Gummy candies and some other products are usually made from extracts. Manufacturers isolate THC or CBD in a lab and later add them to their products to create something that is more reliable and consistent. Edibles prepared with extracts are a good option for people who want to achieve a specific effect.

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When it comes to dosage, if you're a newbie, consider starting with 2.5-5 mg and see how it goes. One advantage of professional edibles is that they generally come with good dosage instructions so you can control your high. While you may want to relax with a microdose concert to focus, you should be able to easily manage your high with a gummy bear. Traditionally baked foods can crumble and may not travel well.

Keep in mind that it typically takes between 45 minutes and an hour for an edible to take effect. Wana Brands started a trend by releasing a new edible called Calm that works in 5-15 minutes. Since you are the first, you may have to wait until it is near you.

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Pharmacy-bought edibles also tend to taste less like weed. Companies have hired chocolatiers and candy masters to ensure the right taste on the trip. Flavors range from cookies and cream to watermelon, so you should be able to find the right flavor.

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