Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight – Shield Compliance

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Shield Compliance is a comprehensive compliance management platform for banks dealing with cannabis. The company’s focus is on changing the way cannabis banks and legal marijuana financial institutions manage risk, comply with regulations, and meet operational requirements in the United States.

Cannabiz Media recently spoke to Tony Repanich, President and Chief Operating Officer at Shield Compliance, to learn more about how he and his team use the Cannabiz Media license database to support their business development, data intelligence and license review processes.

Why is Shield Compliance Subscribing to the Cannabiz Media License Database?

Shield Compliance subscribes to the Cannabiz Media License Database for access to reliable industry information and license data for the cannabis industry. “We rely on the Cannabiz Media License Database to bring information to our platform,” said Tony Repanich. “It’s an important part of our license review process and our licensed data set.”

Thanks to the reliable data on the Cannabiz Media platform, Tony and his team save a lot of the time and frustration that was previously required to find the data they need to do their jobs.

Tony explains, “There are many states that make it very difficult to get information about the licenses they have issued and the enforcement actions they have taken. Where we can get direct state integration to get data, we do. However, if we need an extra boost in terms of boots on the road or boots on the phone and keypad to get information from states that use it harder to deal with, we rely on the Cannabiz Media License Database to incorporate that information into our platform. “

Bottom line, Tony says, “The Cannabiz Media team has done a great job bringing this information together and carefully filling in those gaps.”

What’s Next for Shield Compliance?

A big focus for Shield Compliance in the near future is the new onboarding solution. Tony explains, “We launched our new onboarding solution at the end of 2020. It really helps our bankers streamline the onboarding process and create a much better customer experience. We are very pleased that we can convince more bankers of this this year. “

As more states legalize cannabis and launch new cannabis programs, Shield Compliance is focused on future trends and the developing industry. “We have a lot more conversations with bankers we’ve never spoken to in the past, like New York and New Jersey,” said Tony. “We’re also having a lot more conversations with bankers about their willingness and ability to lend, which is great for the industry.”

For more information on Shield Compliance and for more insight from Tony Repanich, follow the link and listen to Cannabiz Media’s recent Cannacurio podcast episode featuring Tony as a special guest.

To learn more about how subscribing to the Cannabiz Media License Database can help your business, how it helps the Shield Compliance team, follow the link and schedule a free demo.

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