Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight – Apex Trading

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Apex Trading is a software company that offers cannabis growers, product manufacturers, dealers and retailers a system to optimize their existing inventory, order and sales management. The platform also offers multiple sales channels through marketplaces and custom storefronts.

Cannabiz Media spoke to John Manlove and Rob Fess, founders of Apex Trading, to learn more about how they are using the Cannabiz Media license database to save time and grow their business.

Why does Apex Trading subscribe to the Cannabiz Media License Database?

Apex Trading subscribes to the Cannabiz Media License Database to connect with licensees in the cannabis and hemp industries. A major benefit of subscribing to John and Rob is the time savings that the subscription provides.

Rob shares, “I’ve spent most of my evenings and much of my weekend time scouring government databases and statutes, and searching the internet and Instagram. I’ve just put all of the information together to try and find companies to market to.

“Then we found Cannabiz Media and I quickly realized how my weekends and evenings opened up again because I could only spend my working hours on it. Whenever I needed to find something, I just put it in the Cannabiz Media License Database. The biggest time saver and the biggest external tool to help me out is Cannabiz Media. Our entire sales team, director and staff are now using it. “

John agrees that the time-saving benefits of the license database are a primary reason they renew their subscription year after year. However, it also indicates that the value of the data in the license database is equally important.

He explains, “For me and my sales team, we need to reach the decision maker. The sales process can be quite lengthy, and going through multiple gatekeepers to get to that decision maker can take multiple assignments – possibly over several weeks or a month. What I love about the Cannabiz Media License Database is that when I call, I can sign up, find a company, and know who is the owner, who is the general manager, and so on. Even if we don’t have that particular person’s email address or phone number, I know who to ask when I call. “

This way, with Cannabiz Media’s data, you can jump almost straight through the gatekeeper and call the decision maker straight away. It was so important to me and it allowed us to really speed up our sales process and sales. That was crucial to our success. “

What’s Next for Apex Trading?

This summer, Apex Trading launched its Bushel44 hemp platform. “We’re really positioning this because we’re not a publicly traded marketplace for hemp,” says John. “Everyone does that. Instead, we’re building an ERP specifically for hemp so that companies have access to all the tools they need to not only run their businesses efficiently, but also to effectively sell downstream to their buyers or consumers. “

The company is also preparing for a Series A increase to provide growth capital to Apex Trading through sales and marketing with the goal of growing Apex and Bushel in the future.

For more information on Apex Trading and for additional insights from John Manlove and Rob Fess, follow the link and listen to Cannabiz Media’s recent Cannacurio podcast episode featuring John and Rob as special guests.

To learn more about how subscribing to the Cannabiz Media License Database can help your business, follow the link and schedule a free demo.

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