Cannabis smoking lounges eventually approved by Denver City Council

In honor of this very special holiday week following the April 20th pandemic, the city of Denver has an exciting announcement. On Monday, the Denver City Council approved cannabis smoking lounges. This exciting news coincided perfectly with the cannabis vacation and got city dwellers excited about what was to come.

There are already quite a few companies in Denver holding their breath ready and excited to turn around as soon as local laws allow. The Tetra Lounge in RiNo is just one example of a private club, like many of the clubs that already exist in Denver. Out-of-towers can’t just stop by and look high as membership is required, and this has been one of the main criticisms of the legal cannabis industry in Colorado and Denver so far. There is still no sustainable, legal place for tourists to smoke.

With this new ordinance passed in the city of Denver, it is now perfectly legal to visit a cannabis smoking lounge when a guest passes by. This is a smart move in rebuilding the Colorado economy and tourism as there are now many more ways to people visit.

“I love it,” said an unnamed person in the Tetra Lounge of this new verdict. “I think it’s a nice thing, I’m glad.”

Dewayne Benjamin, the owner of the Tetra Lounge, repeated these feelings a little more eloquently. “I think it’s great for the community to give them more areas like this. I think it’s a wonderful thing. “

Additionally, this new rule hopes to open the floodgates to social justice so that entrepreneurs who can’t afford to spend a lot of money can continue to take action and get a piece of the pie. Just like in other areas of the industry, legal cannabis use lounges with fewer resources are given the opportunity to get involved and potentially raise the big bucks. A bill passed by Colorado state legislature provides credit for those looking to start cannabis businesses, so those who want to open a lounge in Denver under the new rule can take advantage of this offer.

According to Benjamin, this is welcome news as he himself comes from a marginalized background that is forbidden. “My family members have studied marijuana laws for the past 20 years. Arrests, things like that, tickets. “

Colorado’s weed scene is expanding with cannabis smoking lounges

In addition, this is an exciting opportunity for the entire Colorado cannabis industry. Cannabis buses will now be open to the public, not just for private events. Hospitality locations like Denver’s Coffee Joint cannabis café, which encourages local use and brings your own weed the rule of the day, will become increasingly common. And cannabis events can now take place in places that the public can attend, not just members of a specific cannabis club.

This of course means more competition for the existing cannabis smoking lounges and clubs, although they also have more opportunities to make money. But Benjamin welcomes this challenge.

“There will be a lot of different restaurants, clubs, spas … I look forward to seeing the industry evolve,” he said.

In addition to the clubs, the city council also legalized the supply of cannabis for those allowed to come into play under the social justice provision. Now cannabis companies can deliver their products within city limits and within legal limits.

While the local economy is still working to bounce back after the COVID crisis, measures like approved cannabis smoking lounges that support the already booming, legal cannabis industry are definitely of great help.

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