Cannabis, Love & Metaphysics: Eric & Alexandra Right’s “Higher Connections” follows one man’s journey to cannabis nirvana

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Can cannabis make you a kinder person? Can taking the plant increase your sensitivity to those around you and even to the wider universe? Can it ever be too hot outside for soup?

These big questions, and some bigger ones, are at the heart of Higher Connections: Humor and Inspiration from a Certified Public Pothead by Eric and Alexandra Right, a free-roaming meditation on the role cannabis can play in improving our lives. Told with humour, grace and inspiring honesty, Higher Connections is a worthy addition to the bookshelf of any current stoner or curious newcomer to the world of weed.

Released in July 2022, Higher Connections quickly achieved bestseller status while defying easy classification. Deftly walking the line between memoir, comedy and self-help books, Eric and Alexandra guide the reader through Eric’s cannabis journey and explain how regular cannabis use improved Eric’s relationships with his family, boosted his career and improved his mental health. Literary Titan Silver Award recipient, Higher Connections is chock-full of humorous anecdotes that will sound familiar to the practicing stoner, mixed with inspirational stories of love and growth.


Cannabis and Mental Health: Harm Reduction Strategies

The authors and husband and wife team, Eric and Alexandra, also delve into the more mystical, spiritual and metaphysical connotations of cannabis, offering a compelling metaphysical narrative of how Eric felt he was becoming a more empathetic person after becoming a regular cannabis user. With his third eye open, Eric may be able to see on a deeper level, and Higher Connections lets you ride every step of the way. Leafly got a copy so we could give a taste of the journey inside, so let’s jump in.

Step up with Eric & Alexandra

higher connectionsImage courtesy of Higher Connections.

One of the greatest pleasures of reading Higher Connections is getting to know Eric and Alexandra Right, the fearless writers. Time and time again, they prove to be clever and passionate storytellers, throwing in quick jokes to ease a difficult tale of family misunderstandings, or ending a hilarious scene with an unexpectedly profound twist.

“Whatever meaning you take from the experiences and observations in this book, just know that I will always be grateful for what they have done for our relationship and family.”

While Eric does most of the storytelling – he has a more direct relationship with cannabis than his wife – Alexandra often includes her thoughts and perspectives on the interactions, providing important insights into the ways cannabis can affect not just those of us who use cannabis, but also how it affects those closest to us.

Eric and Alexandra are unabashedly honest about their marital troubles. Amidst the well-known stresses of parenthood, financial commitments and the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic, Eric and Alexandra’s marriage suffered. The couple doesn’t care how Eric’s past behavior has exacerbated some of their marital problems or how cannabis has helped strengthen their marriage.

“We’re friends again, which I really didn’t think was possible,” writes Alexandra. “Whatever meaning you take from the experiences and observations in this book, just know that I will always be grateful for what they have done for our relationship and family.”

This spirit of love permeates the entirety of Eric and Alexandra’s writing, leaving the reader with a carefully illustrated portrait of how cannabis is transforming relationships between those who use cannabis regularly, those who give it up altogether, and those just beginning their cannabis journey start, build and improve .


Cannabis and Relationships: Reshaping Limiting Beliefs

To that end, while Higher Connections makes a great gift for the cannabis enthusiast in your life, it also makes a wonderful gift for anyone who might be curious about weed but is intimidated by either the enduring stigma surrounding the plant or the complexity feel of cannabis culture. Eric and Alexandra make cannabis less intimidating while also opening up the possibility that something more could happen when we get high.

Smoke out your third eye

higher connectionsImage courtesy of Higher Connections.

Like a mysterious edible that starts slow and takes you to some wild places, the longer you sit on Higher Connections, the more interesting you’ll feel. The first act looks at a brief history of the plant and the emergence of the stigma surrounding cannabis use, before moving on to the personal experiences that motivated the couple to write Higher Connections.

I believe this allows my third eye to open up (like a portable generator that you have to turn on).

Eric illustrates a series of anecdotes from times when he felt special compassion for his wife, children, co-workers, and even strangers on the street. These humorous tales will be familiar to anyone familiar with the plant, and pique the curiosity of those who haven’t seen what cannabis has to offer. But the intrepid duo doesn’t end their observations there, Eric and Alexandra want to know why these experiences happen, not just that they do.


The Rise of Cannabis Spirituality: How the Plant Can Elevate Your Experience

As they began to compile these observations, they realized that something strange or even occult might be happening. “Although I believe that when I’m high there’s an increased level of connections in my brain that essentially allow my brain to go faster… I believe this allows my third eye to open up (like a portable generator that you have to turn on). . The more active my brain is, the more energy is generated which I believe opens my third eye,” writes Eric, explaining how he believes cannabis promotes more empathic connections and even provides insight into the nature of metaphysical reality that lies beyond our perception.

higher connectionsImage courtesy of Higher Connections.

If this claim seems a bit unbelievable to you, you are not alone. Both Eric and Alexandra approach their claims with a dose of skepticism and humility that keeps the more esoteric themes explored in the back half of the bestselling book, Higher Connections, anchored in their trademark humor.

As the pair present several possible theories about the nature of the soul, the existential meaning of death, the metaphysics of creation and more, they never lose touch with the love and resilience that make their anecdotes and theories so compelling.

After reading Higher Connections, you’ll feel like you met a great couple at a date, smoked some excellent pots with them, and had an intense conversation for a few hours. Both cannabis novices and seasoned users alike will appreciate the free-running spirit and unwavering honesty embodied in the story of Eric and Alexandra, and may even find some interesting questions to ponder in your next session . Now clear a spot on your Smoke Spot table for Higher Connections; You will not regret it.

You can purchase the award-winning book, Higher Connections: Humor and Inspiration from a Certified Public Pothead, by Eric and Alexandra Right at Amazon and many other reputable booksellers. If you’re inspired by Eric and Alexandra’s mix of humor and depth, you can also check out their podcast. Packed with the same insights as their book, the Higher Connections podcast allows you to take Eric and Alexandra with you wherever you go.

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