Cannabis Copies – Replicating cannabis strains with terpene recovery

Although cannabis strains are usually praised for the potent effects of their natural cannabinoids, more and more experts and enthusiasts are taking advantage of the strain’s terpene profile. What are terpenes?

What are terpenes?

Terpene is an aromatic compound found in all plants and gives each strain of cannabis a special smell and taste. A given cannabis plant can have over 100 different terpenes, each creating a balance between taste and aroma. If you’ve used specific cannabis and loved the taste, you probably enjoyed it because of the terpenes it contains.

Terpenes in the cannabis plant also contain numerous medicinal properties such as antimicrobial, anti-cancer, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to prevent inflammatory diseases and aid skin penetration by opening the skin pores when applied through skin care products infused with terpenes.

As cannabis grows in popularity, users are becoming more and more curious about the profiles of each terpene, especially the profiles of famous strains like Pineapple Express and Jack Herer. There is also an influx of cannabis products with amazing terpenes that have helped some users create a unique range of cannabis for specific terpenes.

The recovery of strains is fast becoming an exciting process in the cannabis community. If you enjoy enjoying an aromatic cannabis pouf, you need to know how it works. This article is timely as more and more cannabis takes innovative steps to harness the value of terpenes through the art of terpene restoration.

The art of recreating terpenes

This is how the magic happens !! Based on research from cannabis users curious about what terpenes some prefer in their cannabis ad, companies are starting to recreate them.

The focus for such companies is on popular terpenes that have caught the attention of cannabis users. After all, companies are also trying to capitalize on the interests of the user, and the most preferred variety will be a best seller.

Lock & Essential Remedies, located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, is a leading terpene-focused company dedicated to stress recovery. This organization was co-founded by cannabis industry veterans Andres Moreira and Oleg MaryAces, who aim to create a collection of CBD vape cartridges that replicate the terpene profiles of four popular terpenes including:

Please note that there are other strains of terpenes but they have been selected by the company (for now).

Lock & Key’s vision is ingrained in their appreciation for the scientific recovery process and, of course, in their love for the super cannabis plant. With Lock & Key Remedies playing a major role, other companies need to join the art, as cannabis users always appreciate such experiments that produce heightened taste.

The company’s name also gives a glimpse into his interest in rebuilding connections. With lab reports spanning different strain profiles, they’ll be launching their own CBD alternatives. This company also ran a dozen trials of each formulation before launching them.

The replicated cannabis strains packaged by these companies provide cannabis users with multiple access to new products, which is what makes cannabis use so much fun. As they say, “The more the merrier!”

The benefits of terpenes

Aside from the fact that the recreational process is done to offer cannabis users a mix of the terpenes they like, there are also many additional benefits that terpenes offer.

For example, the terpene “myrcene” has a calming effect on the user. This terpene supports the blood-brain barrier, which improves other terpenes’ access to the brain. The benefits of terpenes make it an attractive compound for medical professionals looking to harness its potential.

Be innovative with terpenes

The conversation about cannabis strain replication is gaining momentum as it holds great potential for the future of cannabis use. Rather than simply buying cannabis for recreational purposes, they will also seek recreational terpenes that will add value to their cannabis experience.

Blue River Terpenes, an Oakland, California company, took inspiration from the fragrance sector to create a range of cannabinoid-free versions of some strains. Some of the varieties include “biscuits” and “wakanda grapes” and intend to sell them at top prices: the products they make can be used on the skin and added to food.

Blue Rivers Terpenes CEO also developed a modified steam vacuum distillation system that allows terpenes to be extracted using oxygen, reverse osmosis, and nitrogen.

The innovations offered by both companies show how cannabis will be revolutionized in the future. Users will ask for more than the “high” expected, and the companies that strive to offer such options will attract the attention of the cannabis community.

The main takeaway from both companies innovating with terpenes is that terpenes are viewed as a “specialty sauce” that offers cannabis users more than just taste. The sauce is usually stored in a distillate syringe or swab container. As more research is conducted into the value proposition of cannabis, the world is becoming increasingly aware of what terpenes can do for the human body.

Lock & Key Remedies uses plant-based terpenes for its innovation, while Blue River Terpenes use terpenes from cannabis. Other companies new to the field are using synthetic terpenes, and all of these factors show the new direction the cannabis industry is headed.

Bottom line

If you’ve tried a new pasta recipe and it turned out to be the BEST pasta you’ve ever had, what are you going to do? Of course, you’ll want to recreate the dish whenever you have visitors who demonstrate their culinary skills. Well, the same idea of ​​replicating the pasta dish powers the art of terpene recovery.

Terpenes offer immense health benefits to cannabis users, and research into how to restore the most effective terpenes is becoming a new trend in the cannabis sector. With two leading cannabis companies already leading the way in disruptive terpene recoveries, it’s safe to say that the cannabis sector is on an innovative upward trend.


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