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Last year, sales of medicinal and recreational marijuana concentrates rose 40%.

To fully understand this data, we need to understand what a cannabis concentrate is. A cannabis concentrate is a product that is extracted mechanically or chemically from the cannabis plant and has a higher cannabinoid potency than the original plant material and is usually intended for smoking or vaporizing.

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There are many different types of cannabis concentrates including but not limited to budder, budder, crumble, crystaline, hash, kief, live resin, moon rock, oil, rosin, shatter, and terp sauce. You can read this article in full Overview of cannabis concentrates.

Now that you know what concentrates are, you may be wondering what the reasons for the dramatic increase in sales are.

When people start taking drugs or using marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes, they tend to smoke regular cannabis first.

When you do this, you breathe in between 0 and 35 percent THC. However, over time, if you smoke the same amount and percentage, your tolerance will increase. This tolerance can become so strong that the amount you inhale no longer has the same effect.

Give a strong player: cannabis concentrates. These bad guys have a potency of 3, 4, or maybe 5 times marijuana and can contain over 90% THC!

Many companies use chemicals like butane to extract these concentrates from the plants. If you stop purifying the end product of these concentrates afterward, it can get into your lungs (yucky).

Because of this, many people feel happier with a solvent-free concentrate. These are made using either a hot iron press to squeeze out the rosin or old-fashioned ice water to extract the hash.

The first time I tried to blot something, the process was a little intimidating. I heated a nail / banger, pressed the concentrates onto the hot surfaces with a swab, then inhaled the rich fumes. It was also a strong and sudden rush as the THC and cannabinoids quickly entered my body through my lungs.

The almost instantaneous effect was remarkable, and for those who treat medical symptoms by swabbing, I can see this as a great benefit.

One second you might be in excruciating pain and the next it is magically gone and you are in bliss.

For people who would otherwise have to smoke multiple bowls of cannabis flowers to relieve chronic pain, this is life changing.

Dabbing with a swab, bang, and flashlight can be a little intimidating. It can take a while to set up all of the equipment for our polka dots. and may set you back a small fortune, but with modern day email like the Fifth Ave Green House Q7, an electric swab rig like the Unicorn or 510 thread vape pen batteries for oil carts vaping swabs or coil concentrates is more affordable and accessible than never before.

As evaporation has become more accessible, it makes good economic and health sense for most “heavy drugs” to use oils / concentrates instead of plant materials.

What is responsible for the remarkable sales increase in cannabis concentrate?

Total concentrate sales increased from $ 567 million in 2019 to $ 797 million in 2020. It’s worth noting that the data collected came from California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon only. Despite the increased demand for concentrate, pharmacies are more than pleased to meet demand as the wholesale concentration of concentrate increased 7.3 percent from 2019 to 2020. The average price for concentrate in these states is $ 19.68. You can read this article to find out how much cannabis concentrates and extracts cost.

While cannabis concentrate sales have increased significantly, flowers are actually the most popular items people buy.

As of December 2019, about 90% of all cannabis products sold were 1 gram of dry herb. By December 2020 that percentage had risen to 6 percent! “So overall, we can see that the flower and concentrate market is booming in 2020.

In the early days of the market we saw an 80-20 preference for flowers, but as consumers become more demanding, that trend will change.

There is a strong correlation between the types of products consumers are looking for and the length of time in the industry. There is greater demand for cannabis concentrates in more mature markets, and this pattern is likely to repeat as markets mature in states where marijuana and concentrates have been more recently legalized.

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