Can Microdosing Marijuana Help You?

For most people, marijuana is fun and relaxing—but it can help medically—and for people with anxiety…and microdosing can make a difference.

Most people think of marijuana as getting stoned, but cannabis offers medical benefits that can change a patient's life. From chronic pain to anxiety, it can provide relief. And that's one reason the American Medical Association and Health and Human Services support rescheduling. But can microdosing marijuana help you?

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The answer is probably yes, but you should talk to your doctor. The most common reasons include chronic pain and anxiety. More complex reasons include the treatment of cognitive deficits, mental illnesses and many diseases that are considered incurable. But to understand the benefits, you need to understand your situation and microdosing.

Microdosing involves taking 2.5 to 5 mg to “get unbalanced” without actually getting high. It is a point that you must activate in your system for the medicinal properties to take effect while still maintaining full functionality. You can do this for a day or longer depending on how you react and what your doctor recommends. About 75% of people have a fear of speaking (glossophobia). You can do it for a day if you need to speak in front of large crowds, or longer if your anxiety is an ongoing problem.

While treatment for depression and anxiety has improved dramatically over the last decade, medication and counseling are not equally effective for everyone. In fact, antidepressants have been shown to be only 40-60% effective in relieving symptoms, according to the NCBI. Medical cannabis is now considered an effective treatment option, with microdosing being effective.

When it comes to chronic pain, medical marijuana has been shown to be far less addictive than prescribed painkillers, particularly opioids. Microsdoing can help you with post-surgical discomfort, stomach pain, or other ongoing illnesses that can have a significant impact on daily life.

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Gummies and vapes are the easiest way to microdose. Very controlled small quantities in an easily portable vehicle allows for convenient use when needed. Because gummies are absorbed differently in the body, they take longer to work. When vaping, the effects can occur within 5-10 minutes. Although there may be a hint of smell at first, this quickly dissipates and leaves no smell on the clothing.

If you or someone you know is experiencing anxiety, pain, or other issues that are interfering with your daily life, talk to a professional and see if microdosing marijuana will help you.

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