Are women the answer to the weed rebound?

While we keep hearing about problems in the cannabis industry, there are also positives. Legal US cannabis sales reached $26 billion in 2021, up from $20 billion in 2020. With this growth, the The industry is still an opportunity for women.

According to a 2022 MJBizDaily report, “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Cannabis Industry,” the proportion of women in leadership roles in the cannabis industry rose to 23.1%. But that lags behind the larger US business community, where women hold 35% the leadership.

The number of cannabis users in the US who identify as female is also growing, A latest report from headset found that the growth rate for female consumers in the US is outpacing that of males – 55% and 49%, respectively.

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To help women make a greater impact, Green market report has chosen Women’s History Month as the perfect time to host its second year women summit. It takes place on March 23 in New York City. Last year’s sold-out event was known for its diversity among established CEOs and emerging entrepreneurs. in one Opinion poll by the Peterson Institute for International Economics of 21,980 publicly traded Companies in 91 countries showed that the presence of more women executives in top corporate management positions correlates with increased profitability of these companies.

Debra Borchardt, Founder of Green market reportConditions, “There is no doubt that the industry has faced some headwinds, but this current disruption will result in an overall stronger industry. The get-rich-quick people will be brushed aside and the really good performers will stay. The upheaval is creating a buyer’s market in the industry and could create opportunities for new entrants.

“There are numerous cannabis properties for sale at bargain prices. New owners can acquire these companies at reasonable prices. If women can get the funding, there could be some really good deals for them. Samantha Gleit of Feuerstein Kulick will speak at the summit about the capital raising decision and debt decisions that come with growing your brand.”

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Curt Dalton, founder of, one of the leading voices for the stoner consumer, noted that “Debra and GMR have helped bring credibility to the industry, empowered women and players who played fast and lost accused BS”.

“Let Debra Borchardt and Green Market Report become the advocate for women cannabis entrepreneurs!” said Kim Ring, President of Ring Communications. “As the industry catches fire again, it’s great to see Debra making sure women have a seat at the table. As a journalist, sharing the facts and covering the good, bad, and ugly, she has helped bring credibility to the industry. Over the course of my cannabis career, GMR has not only become my female-led cannabis publication, but I also credit powerful women in the media (including Debra) for training and helping me to become a respected publicist in the field to grow industry.”

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Anne Donohoe, general manager at KCSA Strategic Communications, echoed these views. Deb is a true pioneer in this industry. She was among the first financial journalists to recognize that this was a serious market with incredible potential. There were individual articles full of puns and innuendos, but nobody else really treated them as a committed beat from a business standpoint. Taking the time to research, speaking to everyone she could, she really got to know this industry inside out – and has shared the ups and downs fairly and honestly. Nobody knows this industry better than they do.”

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Shawna Seldon McGregor, founder of Maverick PR, had this to say about the value of the summit. “This is the second year in a row that I am attending the Green Market Report Women’s Summit. Last year the room was packed with women and our male allies. It was one of the most energetic and informative summits of the year. Now I’m back and I can’t wait to hear the unique perspective of the moment from the female cannabis industry executives curated by Debra & GMR, while also providing excellent coverage of the expansion of the cannabis industry and ensuring diverse voices are heard are heard from women leaders.”

In autumn 2021 Green Market Report was acquired by fear in a deal brokered by Skip Intro Advisors’ David Feldman.

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