Amsterdam East – Bangkok With the new Cannabis Cafe it will become an Asian cannabis hub

Bangkok, Thailand is on the way to becoming Asia’s Amsterdam. A new cannabis café opening in the capital is initiated every month. The first emerged as soon as the country’s cannabis laws were first relaxed, and since then clinics, restaurants, and cafes have taken over the sale of cannabis-infused products.

Thailand has been working on its marijuana bill for over two years. Although very little progress had been made by December 2020. Most Thais are happy that cannabinoid projects have been legalized for medical reasons.

In 2019, the Thai government became the first in Southeast Asia to approve the use of marijuana and hemp products for medical and other research purposes.

In December 2020, the government decriminalized cannabis leaves. Currently, only the THC-rich flowers and buds are included in the list of narcotics. This relaxation of that law has sparked a movement of cannabis cafes in the country’s capital. To get into this business, the entrepreneur must obtain an official license from the Ministry of Health.

As of January 2021, several restaurants and cafes have been adding CBD extracts to a variety of products, from foods to beverages. Cosmetic products are also not excluded. There were informative tours of marijuana fields scattered across the country. Overall, Bangkok currently has the most cannabis-related activity.

The legalization of the medicinal use of cannabis resulted in a steady surge in the share price in the cannabis industry. A publicly traded company in the industry saw its shares rise by over 11% on March 17, 2021.

It was immediately then that the cosmetics and nutritional supplement company announced that it would develop and manufacture skin care products and nutritional supplements infused with extracts. The beauty community also rose 4.4% during trading hours, compared to a benchmark increase of around 0.2%.

The government has reiterated that only the weaker and less effective parts of the cannabis plant are allowed to be used by all companies involved. These parts include the stems, stems, roots, and leaves of the plant.

In the various cafes in the capital, customers are offered cannabis drinks and food in various flavors. These teas are available in cocoa, plum sofa, kiwi, honey lemon and apple flavors. Not everyone likes the flavored variants, so there are provisions for mild variants; tasteless.

Every café has its own drink.

Customers can also order groceries such as desserts, snacks in the form of brownies, cakes, burgers and pizzas. These cafes use marijuana plants as active ingredients.

After all, it’s primarily a cannabis café …

All the options on the menu are guaranteed to create a relaxing mood among customers. The duration of this buzz can vary depending on the service ordered. That said, the teas and snacks contain a different range of CBD with little or no THC content. This is because the government has limited THC levels to 0.3% even for pre-rolled pipes and smoke.

Hence, you will experience the therapeutic effects of marijuana with the “high”.

All of this is in at least one place in the capital, Bangkok.

420 cannabis bar

The 420 Cannabis Bar is an infamous line of coffee shops that sell coffee and weed in different parts of the world. This company hit the other canna cafe lines to open a business in Bangkok. They opened two beautifully designed rooms in Bangkok for customers who would like to dine.

Their futuristic neon-lit venues are aesthetically designed around a cannabis theme.

There are artificial cannabis plants in the shops that give the rooms a greenhouse-like appearance. Colorful lights were also used to give the venues a calm ambience.

In the cafés there are further stalls, bakeries, bars, restaurants and vending machines in the immediate vicinity. Customers can also opt for their delivery service.

The ingredients used are sourced from Suranaree University of Technology, Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital and Mae Jo University. The three owners of 420 cannabis bars have assured their customers that only the legally accepted ingredients are used.

Golden Triangle Group cannabis cafe

This CBD cafe opened in April. Just another one of the increasingly numerous locations that are adding weeds to the mix. This facility serves caffeine made from CBD extracts as well as in various forms of food.

GTG sources its cannabis ingredients from its partner, Thai University. Both partners have worked together to produce a strain of cannabis, Raksa, that is high in CBD. Raska extracts are notorious for being a wellness panacea.

There are other cannabis cafes outside of Bangkok and in other states of Thailand.

Thailand is a country that is highly dependent on the influx of tourists at different times of the year.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have an indirect impact on the state of businesses in the country. It prevented many international tourists from entering the country due to the various lockdowns around the globe.

The country’s ministers hope that the new cannabis cafes will improve the poor state of their economies. It will encourage more tourists to add the city’s capital to their travel destinations. Some ministers also hope the plant will be used as a “cash crop” that can be exported out of the country once it is legalized.

Thai restaurants and cafes have embraced this new development with joy. In addition, cannabis cafes are popping up, existing restaurants and cafes are also taking advantage of the relaxed cannabis laws. Restaurants cook traditional dishes with an added ingredient; Cannabis.

The more research is done, the more meals are offered for relief from stress, pain and anxiety – depending on the extract recommended by the Thai Ministry of Health. These drinks and meals also go a long way in improving the customer’s appetite.

Perhaps in time these facilities will provide sleeping lounges. For customers who get drowsy from the buzz received from the meal.

Expect more of these places this year and watch tourists flock to Bangkok.







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