Actor Jaleel White and 710 Labs debut a new Purple Urkle

For over a decade, friends and strangers far and wide asked actor Jaleel White, who played Steve Urkel on the hit ABC family sitcom Family Matters, the same questions when shopping at the pharmacy, or even sent him pictures of his resemblance on trays and trucker hats:

“Are you doing Purple Urkle? Is that your weed Where can I get Urkle, Urkel? “

The answer? April 20th in California stores thanks to White’s new collaboration with award-winning 710 Labs brand. Together they drop Its PurpL, a range of all-purple strains selected by the best breeders the US has to offer.

PurpL’s debut lineup features:

The living elite strains from the ground are packaged in eighths, mini pre-roll packs, and single-use vape pens made from living resin.

No boo-boo: Urkel has found his Urkle.  (Courtesy PurpLNo boo-boo: Urkel has Urkle. (Courtesy PurpL)

The actor who steals the show inspires a purple

Dispensaries didn’t even exist when actor Family Matters made his debut and remembered 90s pop culture.

But purple cannabis strains were on the rise back then, and White’s lovably uncoordinated character inspired the name for a purple strain known to fidget with body aches and maybe a little hand-eye coordination: Purple Urkle.


Delighted as Purple Punch: A Purps Family Genealogy

White is no stranger to the token, he said. He began seriously considering a foray into cannabis about six years ago when California Proposition 64 was on the next state ballot and Colorado had already taken the plunge. He had received many offers in the past, but none of them felt “right” or ready to portray White’s overlapping identity as a foodie.

Put simply, Urkel couldn’t remove bad weed. ie “boof”, “bammer” or “boo-boo”.

“The character’s legacy has just taken on a life of its own,” says White Leafly. “I was associated with something, a street of cannabis that is respected and known. My criterion was, “I can’t do that and come up with a boo-boo offer with no effort.”

Two stars collide

The stars aligned two years ago when White sat next to world-class hash maker Brad Melshenker, CEO of 710 Labs, during a flight. Melshenker liked White’s shoes. Kevin Costner was there.

Then it happened again! Two random flights together. White and Melshenker switched from friends with one serving to something more. They smoked weed and hung out.

“We have never been a brand that pursued celebrity deals because our focus has always been on quality above everything,” says Melshenker. “Its purpose was created through conversations we had while smoking this beautiful plant.”

During a pandemic, the duo picked out some purples and developed the branding. The entire flower is cultivated, extracted, and designed by none other than 710 Labs, who have received countless awards.

“The purpose of the cannabis plant is to bring people together and heal them. We are both involved in the long term, ”says Melshenker.

His PurpL is ready for his close-up

The graffiti-like logo of the PurpL is reminiscent of cone joints and smoke tendrils as well as a slightly thrown version of White’s youthful cup. There may or may not be waffle irons too.

The brand’s Instagram is currently sprinkled with fascinating bites like purple sushi or ice candy, in the hope that Purp lovers can see how the PurpL products can be combined with their lifestyle or at least their favorite food.

“At that point, I was smoking and smoking a lot,” laughs White. “It’s an enhancement to your meal, no different than a glass of wine. It doesn’t define my life, but at the same time it’s a huge component in a brand that I’ve now established. “

Rather than trying to come in as OG, White calls its PurpL as “a lifestyle brand that celebrates adventure and dining, and what will make adventure and dining better than some bombastic weed?”

In addition to the wet buds and terpy pens, White is also interested in using this new platform to advocate more diversity and stigma for what he calls a “racial plant” after a year of clearing all systemic barriers and Laws have been disclosed that are still possible Enter and take part in cannabis rooms.

Release is scheduled for April 20th on the Next Level online platform, with limited store units at Berner’s on Haight.

“I was on the cover of cereal boxes. I had my own doll. I had pajamas, sleeping bags, and all sorts of things. But this is the right thing here because of what it culturally stands for and the changes that are happening to legalization and the rightness of things, ”says White. “I hope to be seen as someone who, as you know, was a pioneer. And I say this humbly because it takes a team to achieve something like this. “

Amelia Williams

Freelance cannabis journalist Amelia Williams is a longtime budget tenderer and a graduate of San Francisco State University’s journalism program. Williams has contributed to the San Francisco Chronicle’s GreenState, MG Magazine, Culture Magazine, and Cannabis Now, and is the author of the Barbary Coast Pharmacy’s Bud Blog.

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