A great player who continues to dedicate himself to the craft: Introducing the Trulieve’s Cultivar Collection

Trulieve’s new Cultivar Collection shows how a multi-state player can keep the craft at its core.

Good things don’t always come easy, but it’s always worth the wait. Nowhere is this truer than when growing artisanal cannabis. No overnight process, success takes time – and a lot of human contact. Growers must carefully identify and select the ideal combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes as growers hold the torch to ensure that the genetics chosen grow into consistently perfect and absolutely maximized buds.

As the cannabis industry matures and companies scale across state lines, not all will be willing or able to keep quality at the forefront, but brands and customers can count on Trulieve – already a household name for quality cannabis – to rely on how scaling and superiority can stay married to a corporate ethos. If you’re moving up from your home state of Florida to California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania (with more work in progress and nationwide availability as a destination), you can’t expect an extreme hyper focus on quality to continue to be a priority. But that’s exactly what is happening for this leader in seed-to-sale that is paving the way into business.


Find Trulieve in Florida

Production of the variety collection

The proof is the pudding with Trulieve’s new Cultivar Collection. Grape Cake, Sunset Sherbert x Kush Mints, and Rae Bae are the first three strains in this premium group of top-notch cannabis in small quantities that show what can happen when resources from start to finish meet research and dedication to the craft.

Trulieve's Cultivar CollectionGrape cake from the Cultivar Collection. Courtesy Trulieve

The Cultivar Collection was not a nighttime performance. After all, there is no snapping of fingers when it comes to great cannabis. Step one: you must have great genes. Trulieve’s team germinated over 2,000 seedlings from 70 different varieties to create a wide web for genetic exploration. The team then meticulously searched for an ideal potency, fascinating terpene profiles and an appealing aesthetic. Multiple harvest cycles ensured the rock-solid stability of the unique properties of each strain.

Step two: cultivation. Trulieve’s dedicated team at Master Growers had the opportunity to experiment with conditions to maximize the potential of each winning strain. The resulting data was compiled and analyzed and turned into user-defined regimens for each variety – down to temperature, humidity, light intensity, feeding schedule, and pruning technique. The three varieties in the Cultivar Collection are grown by the most experienced growers in the company’s top-performing growing rooms. All varieties are equipped with the latest LED lighting to take everything to the next level.

And it doesn’t end there. Knowing that post-processing is everything, Trulieve puts the greatest emphasis on hand-manicuring the crop to maintain the integrity of the trichome. Then a low, slow drying will ensure maximum cannabinoid and terpene retention.

Exceptional varieties, carefully handpicked

All in all, the Cultivar Collection is the product of Trulieve’s top talent spanning nearly two years and thousands of hours. “Absolutely no corners were cut,” says Cory Williams, part of the Plant Health Management team. “In fact, our cultivators have taken care of each and every plant more personally and practically. At any point in the life cycle there is an essential and direct human element that ensures that the Cultivar Collection meets and exceeds the highest possible standards. “

Trulieve's Cultivar CollectionSunset Sherbert x Kush Mints from the Cultivar Collection. Courtesy Trulieve

These strains are no joke. Sunset Sherbert x Kush Mints was the first to be developed by the Trulieve team. “Watching them grow was almost like the moon landing on TV,” says Charlie Field, another member of the Plant Health Management team. “It was the intersection of our abilities as growers that caught the genetic potential of today’s best cannabis strains. We knew we had something special and it would increase patient expectations for product quality in the Florida marketplace. “Sunset Sherbert x Kush Mints is covered in trichomes, as frosty as possible and with a hit of almost 31.59% THC.

Grape cake weighs 20% THC and over 2% terpenes. As a hybrid grape cake, it triggers a relaxing high. Expect both the aroma and taste to be nuanced but heavily influenced by sweetness and musk. At 36% THC, Rae Bae serves up a heavy dose of citrus and gas smells and tastes, as well as trichomes so thick you can see them pull apart as you dig into your stash. Clear your schedule and expect strong indica effects.

Innovation that doesn’t stop

Top notch genetics, small batch cultivation and master grower-handlers make the Cultivar Collection a successful trio from Trulieve. And we shouldn’t be surprised that they show the way. “Innovation drives us as a company,” says Valda Coryat, Trulieve’s chief marketing officer. “We are constantly looking for additional ways to offer patients new products, new strain profiles and even new flavors of classic favorites so that every patient can find the relief they are looking for.”

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