8 cannabis strains that will delight award-winning growers

The Grow-Off is a super dope competition, and I recently jumped on Zoom to speak to some of the winners about what strains they are working on, excited about, and favorite smokers. Here’s what Duran Jackson, the 2020 CO Grow-Off Champion in Potency and Terpenes, and Fiddler’s Green, the 2018 CA Grow-Off Champion in Potency, had to say.

These grow-off champions (and more) will be featured in Mastergrass: Cultivation Conversations on April 10, 20201, sharing their knowledge of how to grow a successful crop. The online event can be viewed live for free and costs $ 10 for access to Q&A with growers. A video on demand (VOD) copy of the conference will also be available.

Duran Jackson

Duran Jackson is Veg Lead at Colorado’s Evergreen Extracts and 2020 King of the Grow-Off after taking first place in both categories with a splash cut he grew at the crib. He also won the Grow-Off for Potency 2019. What a legend.

Jackson’s passion for weeds screams through his big smile. Although he’s just growing up as a hobby, he hopes to one day launch his own flower – or pharmacy – in a market that is less saturated than Colorado. And his heart is in the right place: he is about buds over branding and quality over exploitation. “As a consumer, I smoke a lot and I want to be the best. This has been the case since I’ve been in the industry. So when I do a business I want to improve my quality instead of focusing on it [where I’m going to expand]. I just want people to know what quality looks like first because there aren’t a lot of people out there with information about good clean cannabis or what bad cannabis is. ”

In our conversation, Jackson told me about some of the strains he grows in his home garden and what he likes to smoke: “I flower Sundae Driver; I have strawnana; Gelato Cake is the one I run a lot, a Pakistini landrace, and I play around with doing things myself. ”

“GSC was pretty big than me [moved to Colorado]. There was this one pharmacy that had this 09 GSC strain. I’ve hunted this clone since I’ve been here and I got this clone in my garden a few months ago. So I’ll have my favorite smoke in my garden, I’m excited about that. “Jackson only smokes his own weed.

Fiddler’s Green

Fiddler’s Green is a family farm in Sonoma County, California owned by Cameron Hattman and Shannon Hattman. These two are classic people, man. True representations of what the plant is about. They didn’t even enter The Grow-Off to win, they just wanted to party with a room full of stoner homies and won the championship belt (literally the trophy is a belt) for potency and third place for terpenes.

In our conversation, I asked what strains they were working on and what they were consuming. Your favorite variety? Forbidden fruit. “My favorite variety and my team’s favorite is Forbidden Fruit. We can’t find it anywhere. Whenever we go to a pharmacy, the first thing we ask is: “Do you have any forbidden fruits?” It’s 15%, but the taste and profile are phenomenal and absolutely stunning. ”

Fiddler is working to bring back old school genetics in a world that advocates THC as a quality indicator. “The strains that we see and represent from some of our small family farms will be all of those strains that have been hidden and can’t get into the market. They are going to come out and blow everyone away.” said C. Hattan of the release of strains that were overlooked for testing below 20% but are still absolute slobber knockers. These include ACDC, OG Kush, and Durban Poison.

8 cannabis strains that award-winning growers are working on

Sundae driver

Sundae Driver was bred by Cannardo Genetics. It’s a cross between FPOG and Grape Pie with a fruity, creamy taste. It’s a pretty sleek hybrid for some kind of late afternoon or early evening chill.


Strawberry Banana, or Strawnana for short, was bred by DNA Genetics. It’s a cross between Banana Kush and Bubblegum that creates a fruity aroma. It’s a great smoke any time of the day for anyone looking for a little afternoon treat.

Gelato cake

Gelato Cake shares the same genetics as Ice Cream Cake: wedding cake crossed with Gelato # 33. It has the sweet, hashy, gaseous taste that gelato evokes, and is relaxing and powerful, so it’s probably best to save it for later in the day .

09 GSC

09 GSC is just an old school cross from GSC bred by Cookie Fam. GSC is a cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison that has legendary status on the west coast. It has that classic stoney hybrid feel.


AC / DC is a phenotype of the CBD dominant Cannatonic. It’s earthy and slightly sweet in flavor profile. The high, well, there isn’t any; Instead, there is a clear experience that can help turn a bad day around.

AND Kush

OG Kush is OG Kush. The story behind it depends on the day and who you’re talking to. When you consume it, expect severe, long-lasting euphoria that will cause you to relax for the day or go to sleep for the night depending on how much you smoke.

Durban poison

Durban Poison is a classic African landrace strain that people love for its energetic properties. Ed Rosenthal made it happen, and we’ll be damn grateful for this earthy, flavorful treat when you can find an authentic cut of it.

Forbidden fruit

For an Honorable Mention, we’re talking about Forbidden Fruits. Forbidden Fruit is a fruity, delicious, purple and perfect cross between Tangie and Cherry Pie. If you find it, get it quickly because it might be gone next time you want it.

Featured image by Gina Coleman / Weedmaps

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