6 Ways To Support Black Cannabis In Washington DC

Initiative 71 continues to make Washington DC a source of cannabis innovation. As moonshine as I-71, the district’s cannabis policy makes weeds legal to possess both recreationally and medicinally. This is where the extraordinary qualities of the DC cannabis scene begin.

Simply put, consumers pay for non-cannabis items like lighters or art prints and receive “gifted” cannabis with the purchase. While this policy restricts recreational sales in the district, it still gives black cannabis companies room and opportunity to flourish.

The rise of the #BuyBlack movement

The #BuyBlack movement is not new and supporting black companies is already a basic concept for many black people.

Following the Justice for Justice protests by George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and far too many others, brands both large and small began to use brand activism to adapt strategies and move towards more pro-black messaging and intentionality.


How the war on drugs killed Breonna Taylor

The #ShopBlack and #BuyBlack campaigns have flourished in the wake of recent events and in the name of more conscious consumption.

Coupled with the fact that DC is a hub of small and local businesses that break bread together, it’s easy to see how a resilient ecosystem was created that is supported by politics and society alike.

How does buying black help?

Supporting black businesses is one of the many ways we can compensate for the injustice posed by cannabis. With less than 2% of reported cannabis business owners being black, it is clear that there are many areas that can be improved.

These racial differences, and the fact that blacks are 264% more likely than whites to be arrested for cannabis possession, are reasons to support black cannabis companies across the United States, including the district.

Here are 6 black brands that are doing their part in keeping the cannabis culture alive in Chocolate City.

The Potluck DC

Product in the spotlight: infused seamoss

The Potluck DC came on the scene by offering a comprehensive approach to indulging all types of cannabis users. One word: sustainability. Not only do they grow their buds from seed to flower, but they also combine their world-class product with educational content such as financial and horticultural insights for urban farmers and everyone in between.


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Product in the spotlight: trendy tie dye athleisure

NFSD is a world-class delivery service that enriches the district with 100% natural and kitchen-made products. In particular, with its cooking and cannabis specialist skills, NFSD creates products that are good for the skin and mind. Imagine a whole meal of these delicious treats. Definitely worth a try if your in DC

Pink Stone DC

Product in the spotlight: “Chill” playlist series

DC is a very social scene. Fortunately, this black cannabis business is social. Pink Stone DC curates “Dope Social Experience” online and offline so that cannabis lovers can come, take the pressure off and be themselves. The company has stuck to pandemic precautions for the past year. So it is best to sign up for his newsletter to keep up to date on the hottest weed events in DC


Product in the spotlight: Mumbo sauce

If you’re looking to use your medical marijuana card, Kinfolk Pharmacy is located in the heart of downtown DC. They believe in the power of community and expose this value through their burdens and smokers. The name itself screams stand together in solidarity; Cannabis is only one way to get there.


Wine corks

Product in the spotlight: CBD Infused Red Blend

With Beedible you will find two of your favorite things in one package. Cannabis and wine! Whatever your favorite wine, they have you covered. Get yourself a zinfandel or even a red mixture. These treats are a perfect addition to your hot girls summer.


Product in the spotlight: Chocolate Chai Tea x Gifted Waffle Cone

Rise and shine! Toke.DC is ready to wake up and bake. This company offers a curated selection of herbal tea blends to go with the premium herbal picks. Make your morning lighter with some goodies from Toke.DC. You deserve it.

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Umarah Mughnee is a freelance writer working as a digital strategist in the legal and lifestyle field. Ultimately, it works for one common cause: to advance the culture without excuse.

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