6 varieties that will be on the menu in May

This month from The caseDante Jordan’s column, which brings together all the must-have strains from the best brands and growers, highlights the expected releases from INSANE, Subdued Excitement, Veritas and others.

My favorite part about smoking weed is catching a new strain that is just about to hit the shelves or checking out new genetics that are common in the industry. Those looking for new genetics on how sneakerheads get limited editions with the SNKRS app know what I’m talking about. Every time I go to a pharmacy, my first questions are “What’s new?” And “How fresh is it?”

That is why this column exists. Instead of constantly checking your favorite brand’s Instagram page for news about a release, here in my new monthly column I want to see all the drops you can’t miss. Future columns will include debit news from your favorite brands, and I even plan to hear from the producers themselves.

To see when your favorite brands are dropping new products, simply select “Favorite” strains and brands on Weedmaps and you will receive notifications when they drop near you. All you need to do here is create a profile to get started.

After reaching out to some of my favorite breeders, breeders, PR teams, etc to see what’s on the streets, The Drop is your new monthly answer.

Madness: Maraschino Cherry

If you know weeds then you know that Cypress Hill helped make cannabis culture what it is today. They also know that with their legendary reputation, B-Real wouldn’t throw away any trash. However, Dr. Greenthumb will drop a new variety called Maraschino Cherry in May.

It’s indica-dominant, has thick, hairy buds, and the sweet, floral taste screams cherry blossoms. For the terp heads, the fruit-centered variety is filled with lime, humulene and linalool.

Available: California

22Red: LA punk

22Red is a trademark owned by Shavo Odadjian from System of a Down. This month they’re dropping a new strain called LA Punk, a little indica-dominant job at Sunset Sherbert.

The brand’s founder told me that it has that berry-sweet but earthy Sunset Sherbert vibe and that it gives off a rocky, hour-long kind of high. Additionally, this is a proprietary cut that Shavo wants to keep exclusive, so LA punk will be in rotation for a while.

Available: California

Muffled excitement: Apple fritters

Muted excitement is one of my favorite Washington breeders. The team used to bring out some of the best GMOs I’ve ever seen, and now they have apple fritters in the garden too. Apple fritters seem like the next type to be in any hybrid on any menu, but I’m fine with that. It’s a pretty good high, really.

Apple fritter is a mix of sour apple and animal biscuits that will make you feel satisfied and comfortable. The high reminds me of an old school Blue Dream, while the nose of Sub X’s Apple Fritter smells of sweet candy apples. It comes through on the taste slightly sweet and earthy. Caryophyllene, limonene, and pinene are the dominant terpenes.

Available: Washington

Freddy’s Fuego: Oreo Blizzy

Freddy’s Fuego is known for gas. That Larry Cake and Hell’s Bells, which they released last year, are still some of the tastiest weeds I’ve ever come across. Whenever something new comes into the pipeline, I’m there.

Oreo Blizzy is a new strain that they hunted and are insanely excited about. It’s a cross between Ice Cream Cake and Sunset Sherbert. It has the well-known gaseous kick that Freddy’s is known for, with a spicy, somewhat floral addition to the taste. The effects are nice too, definitely a good afternoon smoke. It has one of those highs that calms you down right after 2 p.m. when you’ve realized that it’s okay to just finish what you can for the day instead of stressing out about all the things you can’t . Do you know what i mean? One of these.

Available: Washington

Eastwood Gardens: Horchata x Runtz

The first place I went after returning to Portland from Costa Rica was Archives. The first strain I heard someone ask about was Horchata x Runtz. This pharmacy didn’t have it, but I found it elsewhere and BOY. Eastwood Gardens did it again.

Eastwood is a brand known for making super potent gaseous strains, and this Horchata x Runtz they dropped on Cinco de Mayo is no different. First elephant ears, now that.

The flower is silly trichome-coated on the Prince-suit-purple buds that scream diesel flavors. And the high? Stoney. How. Hell. It all hits the head and eventually leaves you in a trance. You definitely don’t want to miss this drop. Check out Instagram to see which stores have it.

Available: Oregon

Veritas Fine Cannabis: Forbidden Melon

I don’t have a lot of experience with the products in Colorado, but when I was visiting Denver last year to have a bachelorette party with a bunch of friends to run the crib, I noticed Veritas Strawberry Shortcake. I reached out to them to see what they had on the block all month and in early May they did their first cut of a new strain called Forbidden Melonz.

Forbidden Melonz is a cross between Forbidden Fruity and Zkittlez, which is characterized by sweet flavors and terpenes from myrcene, pinene, ocimen and caryophyllene. Some stores where you can find it include: A Cut Above, Colorado Best Budz, and Cookies in Denver. For a full list of pharmacies that sell the strain, see the Find-Us card on the Veritas website.

Available: Colorado

Featured image by Gina Coleman / Weedmaps

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