6 varieties that will be on the menu in June

This month of The Drop, Dante Jordan’s column that brings together all of the must-have strains from the best brands and growers, it highlights the anticipated releases from Caliva, LOWD Farms, Connected Cannabis and more.

Hello my friends, and welcome to The Drop, a monthly column that discusses what new strains are hitting the pharmacy streets in a given month and why I think you should know about them.

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Let’s get to that in a moment.

LOWD Farms: Wedding Coins

Listen, when in Portland you definitely have to smoke LOWD. Pun intended, alladat. I spent the winter months in Portland (beautiful city, will return sometime) and LOWD’s Cake Mints definitely made the gray rainy days a lot easier. The wedding mints are likely to be more like the same, so buy the limited drop while you can.

Wedding Mints is a cross between Wedding Cake and SinMint Cookies with purple buds and powerful effects. Jesce Horton, the brand’s CEO, told me it’s part of the brand’s catch-and-release series where they have excellent strains that people will love, but they just don’t make the cut for long-term production .

In terms of the taste and how it hits, Jesse said to me, “It’s a similar profile to a doughy, cake-like, but more like a cookie and gassy side than their cake mints.” Right there is weed connoisseur for “Fam … Fire”.

Available: Oregon

Magic Hour Cannabis: Sherbadough

Magic Hour Cannabis: Producers of still the best gelato I’ve ever tried in my life. His T-1000 is also fire and further proof to consumers that THC is not the decider of quality. Really, all they put out is fire, so I’m happy to tell you to run out and grab the limited edition release of the newest variety: Sherbadough.

Sherbadough is an archive creation. The cross is Sunset Sherbert and Do-Si-Dos. I wasn’t too familiar with this one so I phoned the brand’s co-owner, Will Perry (great guy, can say his parents are nice people) to ask how Sherbadough is doing. He told me the terpenes tested 3% and, “It’s a sweet, gaseous taste like Zkittlez with a little Disney on the end. Starts out very sweet and then turns into a gaseous taste. ”

If you catch the sherbadough you’ll appreciate it, and if you don’t, Magic Hour Cannabis and Gelato # 25 GMO cookies are excellent substitutes.

Available: Oregon

Caliva: Chemistree

Caliva is a pretty big player in California, owned by The Parent Company, which also owns Jay-Z’s Monogram brand. It is known for its Alien OG flower, a consistent best seller in California, but they are also constantly bringing out new strains. I recently connected with the brand to see what was in the pipeline. Chemistree is the answer, Caliva’s sativa entry in this year’s NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup.

Caliva listed Chemistree as a sativa-dominant hybrid with a gaseous aroma and sour pine supplements, so you’re likely getting some Chemdog diesel vibes with what is likely also a descendant of Kush. And as I type, I’m now reading an email that says she is descended from the Headbanger genetics, a cross of Sour Diesel and Biker Kush. So yeah, I’m right in real time, wow. The nose knows.

Chemistree is officially a cross of Motorbreath # 15 and Headbanger with high amounts of pinene, caryophyllene, limonene and linalool in the entire terpene profile.

Available: California

Connected Cannabis Co .: nightshade

I don’t know much about Connected Cannabis Co., but on a road trip last year I smoked a Gushers pre-roll of them and it tasted like a sunset-flavored smoothie. Not Sunset Sherbet, I mean if I could curl up about what a sunset looks like, I would expect it to taste like this. With that experience, I’ve tried my best to see what they might drop for June.

NightShade is a variety that was released on May 28th. Falling off from Connected. They say it’s a sweet, earthy, and gaseous variety which makes me hope it’s a heavy ass that will make you want to sleep for 18 hours. Like the Death Star or something. The description for NightShade is:A strong body that sneaks in when smoking and hits the heavier side without the calming head high. ”

According to Connected Cannabis Co., the strain evokes nostalgia in the early days when Biscotti and Gelato 41 first hit the scene. Therefore, CCC only sells the variety in packs of half an ounce. Apparently, the exclusive strain appeared in the Instagram stories of Lil Baby, Takeoff and Chris Brown, so it’s already causing a sensation in the rap community.

When you check out let your boy know what’s important.

Available: California

Greenhouse farming: WonderBar

There was big news for Glass House this week when it was announced that they were merging with Mercer Park Brand Acquisition Corp, the same parent company as Caliva, and that has just been invested $ 50 million. The massive movement of money, reportedly worth $ 567 million, will essentially make Glass House the largest producer of weed in the greenhouse in the country, a title they already hold above California. In June, they’ll be dropping a strain called WonderBar.

If you’ve had and loved the Wonka Bars, put WonderBar on your shopping list. It’s the same strain, just a different name because, you know … hashtag trademarks, hashtag jargon.

WonderBar is a cross between GMO cookies and mint chocolate chip cookies. It creates a skunky, funky, and chocolate-like aroma with the classic OG-like taste in the smoke. Expect it to hit you with an “Oh, wow, alright, yeah, that’s hard” high, that with an “Alright, damn it … I should definitely allow some time for this next time. ”

Available: California

The bank: flood

Rounding out the drop list is a Nevada brand called The Bank, which brings out a strain called Gush. I don’t know much about this or about the bud quality. So if you are familiar tap and let me know which is good.

Gush is a sativa-dominant hybrid with French toast and Berner’s cookies as parents. The bench describes the stress as an amazing experience with effects that can improve your mood and relax your body. Gush’s terpene profile contains limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool in a way that gives the flower a fruity, but also tangy, flavor.

Gush falls in early June and will be available at several Nevada pharmacies, such as Deep Roots and Exhale Dispensary. Go to the website for more information on where else to find it.

Available: Nevada

Featured image by Gina Coleman / Weedmaps

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