5 weird places people got vaccinated

The vaccination process in the US has gained momentum every day. Over 249 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been given, with the government on track to immunize a significant percentage of the population by the middle of the year.

The pandemic has exposed us all to new situations, including vaccination discussions. “What vaccine did you get?” and “Where did you inject?” are now a common exchange.

While most vaccines were given in hospitals and pharmacies, local governments have had to be creative with their locations and find places that are big and easy to manage so that more people can be vaccinated.

Here are 5 of the weirdest injection sites we’ve discovered.

An abandoned K-Mart

Twitter user Michael Robbins started an epic chord after tweeting that he shot an abandoned K-Mart. And that’s not dystopian at all.

Some Vax sites mentioned in the responses: Charlotte Russe, Disneyland, Shuttered Best Buy, “an old speedway”, soccer stadium, fairgrounds, “extremely ugly pub”, mega church, shopping mall

– michael röbbins (@alienvsrobbins) March 30, 2021

Six flags and Disneyland

Photo by ErikAggie via Pixabay

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Amusement parks have been suspended for most of 2020. The Six Flags and Disneyland Resort parking lots have been converted into vaccination centers, taking advantage of the large spaces and free airflow. “It was super easy, very well organized and definitely the best experience I’ve had at Six Flags,” Amanda Ach told the Huffington Post.

An abandoned JCPenny

5 weird places people got vaccinatedPhoto by Pawel Czerwinski via Unsplash

JCPenny, a department store chain loved by mothers and grandmas, is also open to vaccinations. At least some of them. “The experience was a bit surreal: standing in line in an abandoned and empty huge shop while people [received] Instructions and shots from men in uniforms (National Guard) and masks felt post-apocalyptic. But it was also organized very efficiently, ”historian Udi Greenberg told HuffPo.

A cinema

Cinemas were among the hardest hit companies in the US and had to close for much of 2020 and part of 2021. Someone stated on Twitter that they were shot dead at the concession booth. There were leftover snacks on the counter.

I was vaccinated right at the concession booth in a cinema! (There was still candy in the cases.)

– Katie Jones @ (@KathleenEJones) March 30, 2021

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Texas Motor Speedway

Calling it one of the most Texan experiences she’d ever heard of, this Twitter user stated that her parents took her COVID-19 footage at Texas Motor Speedway. Not what Nascar was up to, but still making good use of the open space.

I still feel like my parents got their shot at Texas Motor Speedway, maybe the Texas thing at all. https://t.co/7o31DfNEZv

– Jet (aka Courtney) Jacobs her / her (@CourtneyEJacobs) March 30, 2021

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