5 Weed Products Jim Belushi cannot live without

When it comes to famous cannabis brands, not all are created equal.

Many celebrities who have ventured into the cannabis industry only white label their products, which means they pay another company to make the product and just write their name on it and call it a day. Others have gone a little deeper, delved into breeder and strain selections, and are involved in marketing initiatives and other product launches.

By buying land in Oregon and becoming a cannabis farmer, Jim Belushi has pushed his passion for cannabis even further than other celebrities and big names with his cannabis brand Belushi’s Farm.

“I love this cannabis world,” Belushi said during a phone interview while filming in Pasadena. “I’m a magical pursuer – there’s magic on Broadway, in music with the Blues Brothers, in movies and on TV, and magic in the cannabis industry.”

Belushi is probably best known as an actor and comedian, having roles on the television series Saturday Night Live and Loud Jim, as well as dozens of feature films. He started his cannabis journey by purchasing Oregon farmland that became available in 2015. He planted 48 plants under the state medical marijuana program. “It was a rebirth, a reinvention,” he said.

Today Belushi’s Farm products are available in Oregon, Colorado, and Illinois, with many more to come.

Belushi’s path was documented in a documentary series titled Growing Belushi, which first aired on Discovery in 2020. The series chronicles the actor and his team’s efforts to rebuild a legal cannabis operation, including the growing apparatus, from scratch. He can’t say if there will be a second season or not, but he hinted that it looks promising.

The documentary also explores the emotional side of Belushi’s research into cannabis. He credits the plant for helping him on his own journey and says, “Hell, yes, it [helps]! These ladies lead you where to go. “After suffering the loss of his brother John to an overdose, he is an advocate of the beneficial properties of cannabis in a wide variety of uses, but most notably in the treatment of trauma.

He remembered a time he was on a visit to the pharmacy and saw a “skinny, long-haired, blue-eyed man” who eventually approached him.

He said, ‘You know, I was a medic in Iraq and saw things that happened to the human body that no one should ever experience. I have what they call triple PTSD. They gave me a bottle of 600 Oxycontin and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t talk to my children or my wife, I couldn’t sleep at night. I started smoking cannabis, your Black Diamond OG strain, and it’s the only thing that allows me to talk to my wife and kids. Now I can sleep ”, Belushi shared his encounter. “He tore me up and hugged me… That was a paradigm shift for me. It’s no longer about money, it’s about creating a safe path for people. “

Jim Belushi’s favorite herb

Belushi said he consumed more cannabis than ever before during the pandemic, which helped “fight depression and anxiety as Richard Dreyfuss fights Jaws”. He credits microdosing, which he views as a low-dose edible or “a hit and a half from a joint” to keep the blues at bay. “It really helps me allay this sadness about what is going on in the world and the sadness that is coming into your life by just trying to survive this year.”

Check out five key weed products that Jim Belushi couldn’t live without below.

Bhang chocolates

“It really is the best. I take 2.5 to 5 milligrams to help me sleep better, ”said Belushi.

Any in particular? “All of them! It’s the way they mix it up. I also think the difference between a gummy bear and a chocolate is that the gummy bear is filled with more refined sugar. I take the same amount of gummy bears as a chocolate and my dreams are full of color and explosion. Whoa, I’m high! ‘”He said with a laugh.

“When it comes to pralines, I think it’s because of the fat content. For some reason, I just think I don’t have any evidence, but I think it mellows the THC when combined with the sugar. It’s not an active high, but it’s peaceful, and I sleep all night. ”


“I have a variety called cherry pie that we call The Marriage Counselor,” said Belushi. It’s a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison.

“It’s only about 19% THC and it has a great terpene profile: 3%. This entourage effect cools me down like a glass of wine. I’m more charming, I’m still articulate, and I actually listen! The great thing about Cherry Pie is that no one can tell you smoked it. “He mentioned that his wife didn’t even notice his sudden pleasant behavior after being perked up.

Blues Brothers .25 gram mini joints

“We have these little ‘mommy’s helpers’, let’s call them, these little 2.5 milligram shorties,” said Belushi. “This is the Blues Brothers package. Baby blues. There are six of them. It’s a parking lot in front of a movie. “

“I smoke these teeny little joints because I’m so light… Our baby blues are flying off the shelves. People love them because they are tasty and small, they are perfect for covid instead of sharing a joint. I don’t think people want to get that high, they just want to chill, ”he said, explaining why he thinks the dose is perfect. “It’s like a cocktail at night, except for a whole bottle of wine.” The tribes vary from state to state.

Captain Jack distills vape cartridges

“We worked with Select and man, you know what they’re doing there,” Belushi said of his vape cartridges, made with the Captain Jack strain, first popularized thanks to Saturday Night Live. The strain is strong at 21-25% THC and loaded with terpene myrcene, which has a peppery taste and calming effect that comes through in vape oil.

The strain is named after Jack Murtha, known as “Captain Jack”, a pioneer in cannabis cultivation. He spent more than 40 years perfecting his namesake tribe based on Gulzar Afghanica, which he encountered in 1971 during a hot summer in the valley of the Kush Mountains in Afghanistan. Captain Jack learned about the Afghan process for growing the plant and received seeds as a gift from the village elders. Since then he has been growing the pure landrace from seed to flower. It has never been tweaked or compromised, Belushi said, “This strain is best known as the ‘Smell of SNL’.”

Although a little too strong for him to use regularly, he remarked, “I take a small hit and I’m very creative and fun. It’s good for writing. You have another couple and it’s good for communication and then you’re out, ”adds that it’s a completely different experience than cherry pie.

Belushi attachment kit

“Sometime later this year” will be the Belushi Growing Kit, which will be sold in collaboration with GrowGeneration.

“I work with GrowGeneration, which is a really great company,” he said of the hydroponic and organic company. “You have 52 stores across the country. I’m working with them to put together a kit that people can use to learn how to grow at home. “The kit includes a light box, tent, LED light and soil with certain nutrients used on Belushi’s farm. There are also clipping and trimming instructions, and more.

Belushi was inspired to launch a grow kit thanks to his own growing experience, which he brought as “grounded” and “closer to mother earth”. He hopes to convey this sensation to potential cannabis home growers in the United States.

Photos courtesy of Zoe Wilder. Selected graphic by David Lozada / Weedmaps

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