5 Ways Teletherapy Works When You Have Roommates

Thanks to the pandemic, online therapy has become very popular. In addition to being socially distant, this practice is a convenient and workable option for a large percentage of people.

One of the biggest limitations in teletherapy is privacy. Teletherapy creates new problems in the form of roommates, parents, children and spouses. The thought of them accidentally overhearing your therapy sessions is terrible.

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If you’re still enjoying the convenience of teletherapy but concerned about the privacy aspect, there are a few things you can do to become more comfortable and get the most out of your therapy session. Here are 5 ways teletherapy works when you are living with other people:

Talk to the people you live with

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If you can, be as honest as possible with everyone you live with. Talk about your therapy plan and your desire for privacy to hopefully bring everyone you live with on the same page and give you the space you need. Equip yourself with headphones and, if possible, create a door between yourself and others.

Get creative with your space

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If you have a bedroom or bathroom, make yourself comfortable and ask other people to give you some space for the duration of your therapy. Wear headphones and consider using a white noise machine that can create an environment of calm and privacy. You should place it just outside of the room where you are doing your therapy so you can have peace of mind.

Incorporate text therapy

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If you’re talking about something really juicy that you want to keep relatively private, consider text therapy. Discuss it with your therapist beforehand to see if they agree with you and give it a try. If that’s too much for you, come up with code names for the people you are talking about so you can express yourself and take everything out of your hand.

Sit in your car

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If you have a car, you’ve already won half the battle. This environment is quiet and offers you complete privacy. It’s also nice to get out of the house and go to another location for your therapy, even if it’s your car.

To go for a walk

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If your home is crowded and you don’t have a car to have privacy in, go for a walk. This is a nice opportunity to move around and organize your thoughts during your therapy session. Try to go somewhere where there aren’t many people and where you can have the best fun possible while you focus on the task at hand.

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