5 Types of Marijuana Perfect to Start 2024

Start the New Year ready to relax, reflect and enjoy the greatness of life!

The weather is the long weekend, New Year's Eve or a cool New Year's Day, some just want to relax. January 1st could bring with it all sorts of possibilities, and here are 5 types of marijuana that are perfect for kicking off 2024.

The cannabis plant offers much to celebrate. Healthier than alcohol, easy to dose, helps with a variety of medical ailments and aids sleep – it is a blessing to humanity. So here's some help to start the year off right and celebrate the end of the old and the beginning of the new.

Kosher Kush

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This indica works wonders for medicinal users as it works quickly and powerfully and has serious medicinal effects. With an average THC level of around 29 percent, from relieving pain to stimulating appetite to slowing racing thoughts, Kosher Kush is a literal winner, having already taken home three cups in the Indica category. Do you have a busy year ahead? This is just the thing to calm your nerves at the end of a long day.

Dark star

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This purple indica, named after the famous Grateful Dead song, has a slightly lower THC level but is still an indica to be happy about. Dark Star is a pure hybrid of Purple Kush and Mazar-i-Sharrif and is extremely aromatic. With a blackberry finish, these dense flowers are guaranteed to delight and almost seem like a dessert. They will at least keep you coming back for dessert as this is a snack type for sure.

Jack Herer

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This classic hybrid was touted by renowned activist Jack Herer himself. A great daytime strain due to its Sativa dominance, this strain will never go out of style, much like the memory of the man who believed that hemp and cannabis were the key to healing our world, from environmental issues to pampering our bodies . If you haven't read Jack's tome on cannabis and hemp, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, it's available for free at jackherer.com. (Learning is another great way to start a new year…)

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Better than the endless mimosas served at brunch, this fantastic hybrid blends sativa clementine with indica purple punch. Bred by Symbiotic Genetics, the fruity, citrusy undertones and overtones make it a delicious choice for day or evening use. It's not a heavy or overly heady high, but it's effective and uplifting to the tee. Definitely a favorite.

Ghost Train Haze

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This sativa-dominant strain from Rare Dankness has a THC content of around 25 percent. It has won multiple awards from various venues and is praised for its strength. With notes of citrus and pine, you know the terpenes are working overtime to enhance your experience. If you're not a big drinker, take it slow. It's so strong that it's almost psychedelic when you smoke a bowl to your head, take your third long sip, or have an IV high…

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