5 professional sports that allow cannabis use for athletes

Competitive athletes have been tested for the use of performance-enhancing drugs and prohibited substances since 1968. Until recently, cannabis was considered a prohibited substance. The reputation of cannabis as a banned substance is changing rapidly. Today we’re going to discuss five professional sports that allow cannabis use.

Soccer (nfl)

In the current collective agreement of the NFL, which was sanctioned in March 2020, the threshold amount of THC required to trigger a positive test has been increased from 35 nanograms to 150 nanograms. In addition, players can no longer be banned if they test positive and tests can only be carried out in the first two weeks of the training camp (instead of April to August). Thus, after the first two weeks of the training camp, the players are free to participate in unlimited cannabis use.

Mixed Martial Arts (UFC)

In January 2021, the UFC announced a major change to its anti-doping policy: a positive test for the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, carboxy-THC, is no longer a violation unless there is evidence to suggest that it is an athlete intentionally used it for performance purposes. Improve purposes. UFC fighters can now sit back and relax with a joint after an intense workout or fight.

Baseball (MLB)

As of December 2019, MLB will no longer classify cannabis as a “drug of abuse” and will instead treat it like alcohol. However, players must not appear high for games or training sessions, nor can they be sponsored by a cannabis company, pharmacy, or similar entity. Therefore, players can enjoy cannabis in their spare time, but cannot participate in the profitable partnerships that athletes in other sports realize.

Basketball (nba)

The NBA stated that its guidelines for random cannabis testing would remain on hold for the 2020-2021 season, as well as for concluding the previous season in the “bubble” at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. It appears that the NBA is in the process of overhauling its cannabis policy, reassuring players that they don’t have to worry about random testing that could affect their chances of competing.

Ice Hockey (NHL)

Although cannabis was never on the NHL’s Prohibited Substances list, in the past it was still tested in random one-season tests. In early 2019, the NHL became the first professional sports organization to stop fully testing its athletes for cannabis. While the NHL does not recommend the use of cannabis, its players are free to enjoy cannabis products at their discretion.

The universal view of cannabis in sports is changing rapidly. In addition, the benefits of its use in recreation have led to the development of many cannabis-related products for athletes. How do you think cannabis will continue to change the world of sports? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow us for more information!

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