5 of the best date apps for LGBTQ +

If you think meeting someone through a dating app is challenging, it is even more difficult for queer people. These apps have significantly smaller dating pools, leaving users with fewer opportunities to meet someone they are interested in.

Dating apps that are not queer friendly lead to a lot of frustration, be it from cheesy bios or really alienating interactions. To remind you of pride and all the good apps available to people of all sexual orientations, here are the 5 best LGBTQ + dating apps:

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Unlike most dating profiles, Lex is a community-based app that you can use to make friends, meet people near you, or to meet up. It doesn’t allow you to post photos, but it allows you to connect your Instagram and show you what’s going on in your area, which makes a solid option for people looking to get to know the queer community that exists in their area.

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This app is aimed at women of all types and is a dating app with a social media experience. It enables you to get to know queer events in your community and to paint them directly on people you are attracted to. The catch here, and it’s a big one, is the fact that it costs $ 25 a month. If you have the extra cash on hand, give it a try because it is an app that is primarily designed for queer women and also has a social media experience that can connect you with other people like you.

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Grindr is the ultimate gay dating app, but it’s almost synonymous with dating. While this is great for a lot of people, it alienates a lot of men looking for something more serious. Scruff was developed with this in mind and connects you with people who live near you, with queer events in your area and with people in different places while traveling.

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Bisexual and pansexual people face many misunderstandings from heterosexual and queer people. BiCupid was developed for them and offers people who are attracted to several genders the opportunity to get to know like-minded people.

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From the group of “straight” dating apps, OkCupid is the friendliest with queer people. OkCupid has been around for ages, but it remains inventive and informed, with ads and an inclusive user interface that many queer people are drawn to. The site offers many orientation and gender options, a choice of pronouns, and many opportunities to get political.

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