5 Important Things to Check on a CBD Label

Science and the public are positive about CBD. It helps with the ever-popular problem of sleeping and can help reduce anxiety. Discreet, practical and semi-quick acting – it can be a helpful partner for first dates, stressful family events or just tough days. CBD/cannabis Epidiolex has been proven to reduce seizures and is the first FDA-approved cannabis-based medicine. So there are a lot of benefits, but since it's still fairly new on the shelves, you need to be careful what you buy. Here are 5 important tags to check on a CBD label.

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Reading product labels is often confusing, overly technical, and full of material that no one understands. Add to that the fact that CBD is still in FDA limbo, and you need a list like this to point you in the right direction. Here are 5 things to consider when reading a CBD label.

Make sure CBD is on the label and in the product

First things first: make sure your CBD product actually contains CBD. Today's CBD landscape is full of products that claim to contain CBD when in reality they only contain hemp oil, or that lie about the amount of CBD they contain. Look for either CBD or cannabidiol and be wary of products containing hemp seeds, cannabis sativa, hemp seed oil, etc. Although these ingredients sound weedy, they are not the same as CBD.

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Check the dosage and Ingredients

The dosage is crucial for effectiveness. Be aware that you will time the amount you need and then take time off when you may want to take it again. Also, look for a complete list of ingredients, including the carrier oil used. Look for potential allergens or additives you want to avoid.

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Look for certificates of authenticity

COAs guarantee that the product you are viewing has been tested by a third-party entity unrelated to the manufacturer. Their results are unbiased and therefore trustworthy. Reputable companies should include this information on their labels, which should be in the form of a barcode and easily accessible via smartphone. If this is not the case, the certificate of authenticity should appear on the product's website.

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Look for the CBD oil source

One of the first warning signs of counterfeit CBD products is a label that is vague or does not state where the CBD oil comes from. CBD can be derived from cannabis plants or industrial hemp, and most quality products tend to be “full-spectrum,” “broad-spectrum,” or “CBD isolate.”

Know your cannabis state laws

This is important because CBD labeling requirements vary by state. The best labels come from products sold in areas where marijuana is legal. If you are purchasing a product outside of a legal state, that packaging should at least mimic the appearance of regulated products.

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