5 Heartwarming Holiday Movies to Restore Your Holiday Spirit

Christmas is just around the corner, but for some the holiday spirit is hard to contain. Here are some films that will help revive your mood, bring a smile and maybe even a tear or two.

From constant Christmas music to the rush to find the perfect gift, some people find it difficult to maintain the heartwarming holiday spirit. The commercialism of the season can be a little daunting, but take a breath, take a deep breath, take a sip and enjoy the simple things – a beautiful tree, a good Christmas cookie and time with those you care about. Here are 5 heartwarming holiday movies that will rekindle your holiday spirit.

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A Charlie Brown Christmas

This childhood classic touches hearts for all the meanings of Christmas, including kindness toward others. Good ol' Charlie Brown is still getting bullied, Snoopy is still cool, but the holidays are just around the corner. The jazz pieces were created by the Vince Guaraldi Trio and have become a holiday staple. It won awards, despite some glitches in the animation (note Snoopy suddenly appearing on Schroder's piano), and won hearts and respect. And the dance scene is iconic and you can experience new dance moves on New Year's Eve.

The bishop's wife

It seems that every generation laments the lost meaning of Christmas. This outstanding cast, led by Cary Grant, offers a thoughtful, entertaining and old-fashioned take on the ghost. The snowball fight is great and will make you smile.

Miracle on 34th Street

A child's honesty, insight and love touches your heart and also ignites your faith in Santa Claus. You should definitely watch the original from 1947. Young Natalie Wood plays it perfectly with the desire to believe. And who knew a government agency could be the good guy?

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Love actually

The film is worth watching for the music alone. This popular film captures multiple storylines involving relationships and the holiday spirit. From the Hugh Grant dance to the infamous drumming scene… you'll laugh and cry and enjoy a guilty pleasure. The additional unexpected lesson from this is to think carefully when dating someone you work with.

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The holidays

Who needs Hallmark holiday movies when you have Cameron Diaz? In her review for USA Today, Claudia Puig found The Holiday to be “a rare chick flick/romance that, despite its obvious sentimentality and fairytale premise, doesn't feel overly sweet.” Pairs perfectly with eggnog, Christmas cookies, and your favorite decorations.

Hopefully these 5 heartwarming holiday movies will bring back your holiday spirit!

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