5 Healthy New Year's Resolutions for Weed Lovers

New Year's resolutions have their limitations, but they're a good thing as you look ahead to the year ahead. These goals can range from tangible goals like losing a certain amount of pounds to less easily defined goals like getting more enjoyment out of every joint you smoke. The latter seems like an easier and more enjoyable thing to add to your resolutions.

Regardless of your goals, resolutions should be made in a way that makes you happier and more fulfilled, and never in a way that adds stress to your life or makes you feel like you've failed at something. For those looking to get more enjoyment out of their smoking sessions or just trying to change their relationship with marijuana, here are 5 healthy New Year's resolutions for weed lovers.

Make a smoking plan

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A schedule can help you smoke more or less as needed. With lockdown measures and large numbers of people working from home, smoking and drinking can quickly turn into everyday activities, habits that are easy to form but difficult to break. While this works for some, most people require periods of sobriety in order to work and be productive.

Try new things

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Another addition to your New Year's resolution can be to try new things, be it new hobbies or new ways to smoke weed. Try making some edibles or buying a strain you've never had before, or a strain recommended by your budtender that you haven't tried yet. These new experiences can lead to great memories and new ways to add some spice to your life.

Combine smoking with other activities

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People are creatures of habit who create their rituals and schedules without knowing that they are sticking to them. While habits are great and should be encouraged, it's nice to try something different every now and then. Change your smoking routine by combining it with new activities and making it a supplement rather than the main activity you focus on. Smoke some weed and go for a walk, or smoke right before a workout and see what happens.

Take tolerance breaks

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Understanding the importance of breaking tolerance will help you rebuild your relationship with marijuana. It can also help you save some money in the long run, since you'll be able to smoke less and get more high once you've rid your body of THC residue. To get you started, here are some expert tips for breaking your marijuana tolerance.

Know your limits

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A helpful approach to cannabis this year may be to know and learn your limits when it comes to cannabis consumption. While smoking weed can be a great experience, what's most important is maintaining a healthy relationship with it, one in which you reap the benefits without relying on the drug for fun or other reasons. Exploring and deepening your relationship with marijuana is a positive thing that can help you understand what works for you and what doesn't.

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