5 everyday activities that drain your energy

Everyone heads back to work and the piles of projects that were postponed until after the holidays. Lack of sleep, lots of fun activities and the many visits from family and friends have left people exhausted. The week between Christmas and New Year is called the “dead week” because there is more to do in the week after.

But it seems we do things that work against us. Here are 5 everyday activities that drain your energy.

Emotionally exhausting television

Watching TV is one of the things we do to relax and recharge, but the content of what we watch affects how we feel. If you're listening to a show and feel emotionally drained, it's best to keep those feelings in mind and moderate the amount of time you spend watching the show. Maybe take a little break and come back when you're ready, or watch other types of things that can even out the emotional scale.

A messy work and living space

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If our living and working space is a reflection of your feelings, it is common to feel messy and disorganized. Organizing your desk can be a time-consuming activity, but it's something you should pay attention to as you'll probably spend a lot of time there and it's easy to lose control of it. Try to keep your home under control because the messier it is, the harder it will be to get it back under control. A simple activity you can do is make your bed every morning to make yourself feel good right from the start and create some order in your bedroom.

Breathing patterns

Breathing techniques can help you take care of your mental healthPhoto by Le Minh Phuong via Unsplash

Breathing is an unconscious activity, but there are wrong ways to do it. When you breathe shallowly, you're likely to feel more stressed because your brain is taking in less oxygen per breath. A helpful mechanism would be to take deep breaths when you feel stressed, anxious, or exhausted. Whether you breathe shallowly or not, this activity will help you feel better and think more clearly.

Too little or too much exercise

How to exercise outdoors when it's very hotPhoto by Fitsum Admasu via Unsplash

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Exercise is important for regulating our mood. Too little exercise promotes a sedentary lifestyle and causes us to move less, leaving us feeling unmotivated and exhausted. Too much exercise has the opposite effect; It deprives us of energy, especially if we don't provide our body with the right calories.

Waiting too long between meals

Eating pizza munchiesPhoto by KoolShooters from Pexels

Food is our largest source of energy. So if you feel exhausted, it may be because of the way you eat. A balanced diet with a healthy amount of carbohydrates is important to have enough energy. If you wait too long between meals and feel tired in between meals, healthy snacks throughout the day can provide the boost you need.

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