5 cannabis accessories you don’t need but still want

There is a wide range of cannabis accessories. You can switch from basics like roll paper and grinders to items designed for repeat cannabis users like bongs and pipes. Now that marijuana is growing in popularity, various types of accessories are coming out that some experienced users have not even heard of.

While these articles don’t make the bread and butter of the cannabis experience, they are useful when put in the right context to add another dimension to your cannabis use and to accommodate different types of people. They are very cool too.

Here are 5 cannabis accessories you don’t need, but probably still want:

Joint tips serve two purposes: to maintain hygiene and to look very cool. While we may cut down on their chores a bit, shared tips won’t spoil or detract from your weeding experience, but they can make your sessions fun. These tips are reusable, which results in less waste and gives you a different mouthfeel. This is something nice for those who don’t like paper or a bit of weed stuck to their lips. The Meraki brand makes tips that are reusable and dipped in terpenes, with a hippie look thanks to the use of wood. RAW makes glass tips that are also reusable and perfect for people who prefer the feel of glass pipes.

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Sure, you don’t need an electric lighter that works like the lighters that were in your car 15 years ago, but it’s sure to be cool. Seth Rogen’s houseplant produces Class A weed and cannabis accessories, all of which are stylishly packaged and have nothing to do with old-school weed paraphernalia.

Omura is another brand that puts a lot of emphasis on design, making beautiful looking vaporizers that look futuristic rather than weed. Omura’s vaporizers offer products that contain both THC and CBD. They’re more expensive than other vaporizers, but they have all of the benefits that come with them. They use a flower stick instead of vape oils that can be filled with your favorite cannabis flower, adding a dimension of customization that many cannabis users will appreciate.

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There are many cannabis infused drinks with a great deal of variability, making it difficult to choose between drinks that are tasty and that will get you high too. A trustworthy option is Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops, which is made by the Lagunitas Brewery but does not contain alcohol as mixing alcohol and THC is not yet legal. However, since the beverages contain hops, it feels quite beery and contains more than 5 mg of THC, CBD, or a mixture of both, depending on the type of drink purchased.

If you’re looking for a really beautiful looking pipe, bong, or weed bowl, Keith Haring’s collection of weed paraphernalia is the place for you. Haring Glass offers the traditional Haring designs loved by skateboarders and stoners, printed on equipment that will aim high. They may be expensive, but they make your house look cool, which is possibly worth the investment.

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