420 in Maryland means buy one, get one for $10 at Curio Wellness

Make this the most epic 420 yet with great deals and cool giveaways from Curio Wellness.

The 420 party starts now! That means it's time to stock up on all your favorites so you can go big on weed's biggest day. Maryland-based Curio Wellness makes sure you're more than equipped to celebrate with one Buy one get one on sale for $10 about their hottest products.

Buy one, get one for $10 on these top Curio Wellness products all April long! Also, hold on April 20th. Look out for exclusive giveaways at pop-ups at Far & Dotter, Pharmkent Wellness and other pharmacies near you.

Ready to fill your pocket with 420 Fire and reap the savings? Read on to see which Curio Wellness products are on the curated list for this special offer. Buy one, get one on sale for $10, and place an order for pickup today.

Curio Wellness chews

420 in MarylandCourtesy of Curio Wellness

Curio Wellness Chews have been Maryland's favorite chew for five years and are the essential edible for your 420 celebrations. It may sound simple, but that's because Curio Wellness gets the most important details just right: pure cannabis oil from Curio Wellness flowers + all-natural flavors and colors. That's it. No gelatin, no unnecessary additives – just high quality cannabis and artisanal ingredients.

420 in MarylandCourtesy of Curio Wellness

All you have to do is decide which flavors and effects suit your 420 taste. Curio Wellness Chews are available in different strengths, making it easy to choose your own adventure. Do you want to increase the taste and effectiveness? Grab the Juicy Watermelon Chews with 40 mg THC. Looking for a mellow mood before bed? Berry Zest Terpene Infused Chews contain 5 mg THC and carefully selected terpenes for indica-like effects. Browse the entire selection to find your perfect product.

Fuzed Disposable Vapes

420 in MarylandCourtesy of Curio Wellness

Another all-star from the Curio Wellness lineup, Fuzed disposable vapes are Maryland's No. 1 disposable vape, according to BDSA. It's not hard to see why: Fuzed only uses natural terpenes, so you get a great aroma and no burnt aftertaste. Their proprietary low-temperature ceramic coil technology ensures you get consistent and consistent vapor, a true miracle for a product that is so user-friendly and pocket-sized.

Fuzed serves 420 your way by offering a premium selection of flavors with a range of sativa, indica and hybrid effects. Options like Bad Apple, Watermelon Mania, and Wild Raspberry are made for quality time with friends and will make you glad you don't have to choose just one.

Curio Wellness Vapes

Courtesy of Curio Wellness

One of the best ways to celebrate 420 is to choose a few new varieties that suit your mood on the big day. Luckily, Curio Wellness Vapes come in a variety of strain variants with oil extracted from premium flowers and infused with whole plant terpenes for a lifelike experience.

Available in both 0.5g and 1g cartridges, these vapes are among the only ones made in Maryland using CO2 extraction. This is a big step up in quality and means you get a premium, pure cannabis experience with every hit. Our current favorite is Mango Trainwreck, a hybrid cross between Mango Kush and Trainwreck. With strong effects and big fruit flavor, this vape can get your 420 on the way to tropical paradise. Pick one up at your local pharmacy and get another one for just $10.

If this is your first time celebrating your 420th or 40th birthday, Curio Wellness is here to accompany you on your journey. Grab one of these hot products and get a second copy of the same line for a cool ten bucks.

Curio Wellness is celebrating 420 all month long with this offer; They also ring on April 20th. celebrate the holidays with exclusive giveaways at their Far & Dotter and Pharmkent wellness locations, as well as Enlighted, Peake Releaf, Greenlabs, Starbuds, Greengoods and all Green Point Wellness locations. Look for them at pop-ups at a dispensary near you, holding chillums, joint holders and t-shirts.

Buy one, get one for $10. The discount applies to two products from the same product line.

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