4 Weed Products Leder Storrs by Cooked With Cannabis cannot live without it

It’s not every day that you step out of your AirBnB to smoke a joint and share it with the host of Netflix’s best attempt at a cannabis show yet. But on a cloudy day in Portland, Oregon, that is exactly what happened between me and Leather Storrs.

Leather Storrs (alongside Kelis) is the co-host of Netflix’s Cooked with Cannabis, a 6-part cannabis competitive show in which three culinary cannabis chefs prepare cannabis-infused meals that are judged by a group of celebrity guests for the chance to receive a prize of $ 10,000.

While you are best at leather at show hosting, his real profession is a chef. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York and co-founder / former owner of Noble Rot restaurant in Portland. His education is classic and mainly focuses on French cuisine.

“I’ve done a lot of things, but most of them are about cooking. There’s a lot going on about cannabis lately. For me this is the place where there are all the things that tickle me. I think I’m a smarter and curious person who is on my way to researching cannabis in terms of all of our experiences, ”Storrs told me recently in a Zoom conversation about life, weeds and a few things in between.

He also said that at this point he has been cooking cannabis for almost 10 years. His passion for the food, the plant, and introducing people to both areas resulted in him being a returning guest at VICE’s Bong Appétit. Commenting on the experience, Storrs said: “I was there first [Bong Appétit] If it was a travel show, if it was a competitive show. Wiz Khalifa was the guest at the time. I’ve never been higher in my life. Finally I say, “Wiz, two things: stop rolling those joints and put on a shirt.” He didn’t either. “

The fact that he was so great in front of the camera during the Bong Appétit and his knowledge of cannabis as a real cooking ingredient opened up the opportunity to do Cooked with Cannabis. “I went down [to Los Angeles] and met Kelis. If she didn’t like me, I wouldn’t; but we got along very well. She is a remarkable person and we had a wonderful working relationship. ”

Unfortunately, Cooked with Cannabis hasn’t been renewed for a second season, but Leather is hoping for a second shot on a cannabis culinary show after learning how to do one effectively.

These days, leather is still active in the cannabis community. He is working on making a range of solvent-free gums and a cookback on cooking infused cannabis dishes. “I don’t know anything about you, but my butan days are behind me. I don’t want to eat it, and I feel like a lot of those solvent-based distillates that people put in gums are just gross. So I’m working on a fruit gum. I make a vegan option with water and just a normal one with gelatin. ”

When he was writing a cookbook he said to me, “I like words, I like weed, and I like food. I think I have something to say because for God’s sake, who else needs a white Pacific Northwest man with a beard cookbook? Hopefully this will be thoughtful and different enough to keep people interested. “

Leder Storrs favorite herb

Leather’s love of cannabis and the integrity he puts behind edibles is one of the main reasons we had to talk about his favorite cannabis products too. When asked about the personal benefits of cannabis, Storrs said, “Like many cooks, I’m pretty scattered. The metaphor I always use is that there are these strings that all wiggle together and represent the things that I think about, ideas and fears. For me, it’s slowing down all the strings and smoothing out. There is a consolation and a decompression I get. “

Here are four weed products that the cannabis chef and Cooked with Cannabis host Leather Storrs can’t live without.

Homemade Groceries

Leather is primarily an edible type. He prefers his own homemade ones over anything on the pharmacy shelves.

“I would say that my vehicles for THC are food that I make. I usually have a pen with me because it’s neat. And then bloom at night. Polka dots and some of those things are a little bit scary to me. “

Cherry pie variety

While cherry pie is not necessarily a product he cannot live without, it is one of the cannabis strains that had a profound influence on him. It showed him that THC wasn’t everything, and there are certain strains out here that can deliver exactly the experience you want.

“My Eureka experience was with the Cherry Pie variety, which is between 14 and 17% THC. For some reason this shit fit me like a glove. “


“I really like Cinex for cooking. I think this is a really clean, pretty straightforward terpene profile. I think the translation is one of the most stress specific that I can get with the extraction. I have a feeling that from Cinex compounds, whether alcohol or fat, I get this kind of brighter, happier, not too high quality. “

His own recipes and Jerry Plumb’s knowledge

The only true brand of cannabis that has Leather Storrs loyalty is himself. For the most part, he only eats his own foods and uses his own tinctures. “I really enjoy doing this, and I’m cheap too, so it’s not like I’m trying other things,” he said.

When asked if he has certain brands or products that he prefers, Storrs replied, “I’m not sure I’m crazy about branding. There are a couple of pens that I think do neat things. What I can’t live without is the mad scientist Jeremy Plumb. I had been encouraged to keep looking because of him, and he was big from the start. I’ve worked with [Chalice Farms]. I really like her outfit and her approach. “

Featured photo courtesy of Leather Storrs. Graphic by David Lozada / Weedmaps.

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