30 Weed Predictions Most Likely to Come True in 2024

Two out of three isn't bad, dear readers. Leafly News was right 66 percent of the time in December 2022 when we made 51 predictions about weed in 2023.

We achieved 34 accurate predictions, nine false predictions (sorry New Hampshire legalization), and eight maybe predictions.

What will 2024 bring for the wide world of weed?

Leafly editor-in-chief David Downs and Great Moments in Weed History podcast host David Bienenstock summarize the list of likely events. The podcast will be released later in December. But here is our full prediction list.

Weed policy 2024

Hippie Hill on April 20, 2023. (David Downs/Leafly)Hippie Hill on April 20, 2023. (David Downs/Leafly)

Will Congress legalize cannabis in 2024?

We bet: no. Congress has to crawl before it can walk, and it couldn't even pass a marijuana banking bill this year. We expect more executive orders and policy changes like President Biden's weed pardons.

For example, we expect marijuana to be added to Schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act in time for the election. It seems like the government has this in the bag for young Democratic voters.

“It will be the most profound change in years,” said veteran cannabis author/podcaster David Bienenstock. “Write to your elected officials.”

What about the hemp rules?

We expect some cosmetic attempts to curb the hemp CBD market, but I don't believe this will produce any real results in terms of ending the Delta-8 Wild West. The FDA will continue to warn CBD sellers and propose guidelines for CBD formulations.

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“Cannabis [as opposed to hemp] “The way we’ve understood it for literally millennia is the gold standard for accessing these compounds,” Bienestock said. “Access should be a human right.”

Which states will legalize weed next year and which won't?

Oklahoma, Hawaii, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire will talk about legalizing cannabis for adults but will not legalize it.


How to order weed delivery online from Leafly

Florida will legalize adult use in 2024, creating a purple wave in Florida that will help keep President Biden in office. It's a bold prediction, but we like to live dangerously. Otherwise, what is it about?

We will see additional firefighting efforts at the city, county and state levels. We will see more new legalization states attempting to provide licenses for victims of the drug war.

Experiences of cannabis users in 2024

Moe Green's Cannabis Lounge in San Francisco (Leafly File Photo by Jamie Soja)Moe Green's Cannabis Lounge in San Francisco (Leafly File Photo by Jamie Soja)

In 2024, hundreds of new dispensaries will open across the country, and new and emerging states will drive the retail wave. We will see more delivery options in more locations and more pickup options.

Expect more grass lounges

Marijuana consumers will be able to visit a dozen more lounges in 2024, whether in Las Vegas, West Hollywood or the tribal areas of Buffalo, NY.

“We need a place to smoke weed,” Bienenstock said. “It will help communities that are more forward-thinking about cannabis be rewarded for it.”

What are the next hype strains?

When it comes to cannabis strains, we expect Purple Candy Gas strains to remain at the center of the market's bell curve. The “Leafly Strain of the Year” permanent marker wave will build. We'll be seeing lots of high quality Z work and more Superboof and Trop Cookies projects. As a counterpoint to sweets, we expect a sour wave and a savory wave.

In 2024 we will start the Ugly Weed movement for weed that tastes good but doesn't look so perfect. The same goes for the Under 20% THC movement and the Weird Terps movement.

We expect live rosin to continue to gain market share in 2024.

We assume that the seed market will become even larger, but also more difficult for startup newcomers.

We expect 2024 to be a cracking year for cannabis events! April 20th falls on a Saturday and the scenes in San Francisco and New York will be unparalleled.

New York itself will be a lot more fun in 2024, with a slew of new stores, better weed, and world-class experiences.


A legal cannabis farmers' market is being built near New York's Times Square

2024 in Weed Science and Health

Terps aren't the whole story.  (Courtesy of Abstrax)Terps aren't the whole story. (Courtesy of Abstrax)

We'll delve deeper into flavors, esters, and other non-terpenes that affect smell and effects.

More data on the effectiveness of CBD will follow.

Further potency and purity studies of the hemp market will reveal the need for better oversight.

The e-cigarette market will undertake much-needed self-regulation by taking a closer look at e-cigarette additives.

The battles over THC potency inflation will continue with new lawsuits and regulations.

So there are almost 30 predictions for 2024, Leafly Nation. Go out and smoke the weed you want to see in the world. As I told Bien on the podcast, “I'm looking for the plant.” And I'm not worried about it.'

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