Turkey and THC: 5 tips to successfully celebrate Thanksgiving with cannabis

Cannabis is very suitable for Thanksgiving celebrations. From delicious food to reuniting with loved ones, there are all sorts of reasons why a little weed can go a long way in making that vacation better.

In fact in a recent one Ayr Wellness Survey of US cannabis users, 65% of respondents said they would prefer cannabis over alcohol for Thanksgiving, and 34% plan to serve THC-infused food.

So if you’re planning to add some cannabis to the more traditional spices like nutmeg and clove that spice up this holiday, you’re not alone. But just because you’re not alone doesn’t mean you should throw caution and common sense to the winds; There are many ways your vacation can go wrong.

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Don’t show up looking or smelling stoned

This rule should always be followed. If you’re an experienced cannabis user, you should know better by now. If you need herbal therapy before embarking on a day out with the extended family, make sure you brush your teeth, use mouthwash, cologne and eye drops – all of the above if needed.

Showing up smelling like bong water or red-eyed will only worry your grandparents. If you plan to take the elevated route with your family, do so incognito as much as possible. Consider bringing low-dose edibles or a non-smelling vape if you think you need some support throughout the day. Again, consider bringing nuggets that smell great.

Consider microdosing to reduce family stress

If you’re thinking about how to deal with the added stress that family vacations bring, consider throwing small doses of weed into your vacation plans. Microdosing as we have it reported, can have many advantages. A big benefit is that you feel relaxed and calm.

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Make sure you’re on the right dosage before Thanksgiving so you don’t overdo it on the actual holidays. Microdosing is a great way to get the benefits of weed without getting noticeably high or too distracted to enjoy the day.

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Weed Walk and Talk after dinner (with the right audience)

Cannabis doesn’t always have to be something that hides in the shadows. So maybe you want to use weed as a chance to bring you and some of your family members even closer together.

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Well, that doesn’t mean you light up a joint at the dinner table and give it to your uncle. But a pre-planned walk to a nearby park with your cousins, or somewhere you all played as kids, could be a great way to reconnect and reminisce. Just make sure you don’t break any laws.

Save Weed for post family movies with friends

Many people plan to celebrate Thanksgiving with weed. But that doesn’t mean that everyone (or even a large minority) of the people around their family wants to get high. Indeed, according to Ayr Wellness Cannabis opinion poll54% of respondents said they will use cannabis with friends on Thanksgiving. So maybe save the weed for later in the day.

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You can get high and share heaps of leftover desserts with your friends, or watch one of the many blockbuster movies coming out around the holidays. Either way, just know that you can always wait until later to add some weed to your Thanksgiving.

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Don’t get too high, seriously

Just as you don’t want to look or smell high, make sure you’re not using Thanksgiving as an excuse to go crazy — at least not around your family. Overeating is acceptable on Thanksgiving, but getting stoned out of control is not.

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Try to consume a conservative amount and leave room for error. Thanksgiving should be a day to enjoy food and give thanks, not struggle to stay awake and fight paranoia.

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