Top autoflower seeds for winter ’22

Harvest season has just ended, but breeders continue to select and test new strains for big winter releases. Autoflower seeds continue to win fans thanks to their bag appeal and straight-up lust that rivals photoperiod seeds.

“Now that we’re testing autoflowers that are higher than photoperiods, we think this is a good representation of autoflowers,” said Nat Pennington, breeder and CEO of Humboldt Seed Company. Nat’s recent Mint Jelly Auto is still such a barometer at over 30% THC.

In this ever-expanding market, many growers try, but few really dive in. Here’s a bunch of top quality autoflower seeds to grow over the winter.

Fresh from Mephisto Genetics

Mephisto wedding cake auto.  (Courtesy of Mephisto)Mephisto wedding cake auto. (Courtesy of Mephisto)

Auto-leader Mephisto Genetics is celebrating 10 years of auto greatness with special releases and drops that include classic favorites like Forgotten Cookies and newer powerhouses like Mephisto’s Wedding. This frosty vanilla gas strain is a premium result of the legendary Seed Junky Wedding Cake cut crossed with Meph’s Double Grape x Creme de la Chem.

The recent re-release of funky Mango Isle crosses of Night Owl Seeds’ Daz and Chem 91’s F3 phenoms with regular autoseed continues its trend of delighting breeders.

“I’m a people pleaser — I try to give my customers what they want,” Daz said during a conversation with Leafly last month. “I like it when people tell me it’s like Christmas morning when they open their things on me.”

Night Owl kills them with generous freebies, fun merchandise, and amazing genetics that easily convert any automatic skeptic. Just check out Jeremy Silva’s BuildASoil video series where the iridescent Strawberry Milk & Qookies are beautifully grown in soil boxes.


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Tip: Save money with Seedbank packages

Too poor for a big, expensive new release? The seed banks have provided you with special packages.

“Packs of three and five are pretty much the money right now,” said Paul Lawl of Multiverse Beans, a leading online bean bank. “With so much autoflower variety, why stick to just one strain?”

Suppliers such as Gaslamp Genetics (Hembra Genetics), Multiverse Beans, DC Seed Exchange and North Atlantic Seed Company offer packs of all varieties and sizes to meet customer demand.

Great cars for hash

Atlas Seeds Tri Cross.  (Courtesy of Atlas Seeds)Atlas Seeds Tri Cross auto. (Courtesy of Atlas Seeds)

Almost all autoflowering strains with solid genetics can produce great hash. Many hash makers grow autoflowers year-round for faster yields that can be crushed or washed more often.

One such example is Coal Miner’s Daughter by Gnome Automatics. As a result of @fullduplex_afn’s phenomenal selective breeding process, her fruity, spicy and hashy undertones won 1st place in the 2021 Autoflower Cup Extract category as F5. Ronin Garden’s Rolling Thunder, Smoke, and The Ripple all boast insane resin coverage and will make any solvent-free extractor smile, regardless of skill level.

See also: Pluto’s Bride & Black Strap by Gnome/Brother Mendel, Mephisto’s 4-Assed Monkey, & Pink Panama; or Tri-Cross & GMO Auto by Atlas Seeds.

Gassy auto strains to grow

Night Owl Seeds Outlier auto.  (Courtesy of Night Owl Seeds)Night Owl Seeds Outlier auto. (Courtesy of Night Owl Seeds)

You’ve heard it all year – the game runs on gas. It’s no different in the autoflower world, where gassy, ​​gassy, ​​and pungent diesel dominate so many strains. Humboldt Seed Company will have you wondering who ran over a skunk with All Gas OG Auto – a cross between Humboldt Venom OG x Humboldt OG. This one produces a lot and may be louder than your neighbor’s Weimaraner. Wicked Witch by Magic Strains is a densely flowering, skunky strain that deserves space in your tent, while Grease Gun is another Atlas gem with the gassy nose people want.

Also see: Indoor Queen Methane by Gnome Automatics (Gaslamp exclusive); Mephisto’s 3 Bears OG and Samsquanch OG; and Night Owls powerful OG gas by Outlier C.

Candy and sweet autoflowering strains

Mosca Seeds Gummy Mint auto.  (Courtesy of Mosca Seeds)Mosca Seeds Gummy Mint auto. (Courtesy of Mosca Seeds)

Consumers are craving candy and sweet terps, and Magic Strain’s funky Grape Candy Troubled Grape is easy for any skill level. Mosca Seeds continues to cater to confectionery lovers with Gummy Bearz and Gummy Mintz – both colorful and tasty gelato crosses that are in overdrive. Roc Bud Inc and their sought-after genetics are unstoppable these days with more and more autoflower strains popping up all the time. Grape Slurri, Raspberry Punch, Razz-Berry Runtz, and Blueberry Slushy’s Fruit Loops and Gas are among those announced.

Also see: meticulously phenomenally hunted Frosted Cherry O’s by Mutant Genetics; Chewing gum and cotton candy terpene from Gnome’s Ace of Spades; and CBD-dominant Orange Candy & Rainbow Candy courtesy of High Alpine Genetics.

Fruity smelling autoflowering seeds

Atlas Seeds Froot by the Foot auto.  (Courtesy of Atlas Seeds)Atlas Seeds Froot by the Foot auto. (Courtesy of Atlas Seeds)

Twisted Tree brings sweet berry flavors home to Alien Moonrocks & Jimmyjacks – connoisseur automatics that might put some blueberry farmers to shame.

Night Owl and this tasty Mango Isle F2 crossbreed show up at the fruit stand like some kind of heady Vito Corleone. Another bad creation by Ronin and Daz, Mngo Mrrr is an easy grower with sweet flavors and all-day appeal.

See also: Phantomberry by Roc Bud; the aptly named Lemongrass from HSC; Atlas’ Froot on foot; Ethos’ low-maintenance Planet of Grapes; and the Bubba-esque fruit basket bouquet from Night Owls Pre-98 Episode 1 F4.

viva sativa cars

Time is money, and autoflowers save growers insane money on sativa strains. Pina Colada by Mosca Seeds is the tropical sativa you’ve been looking for, with citrus and pineapple flavors to complement her knotty yields.

“It’s our most sativa-dominant autoflowering strain,” said Mosca Rick of Mosca Seeds. “It also grows airier like a true sativa.”

Night Owl’s ZaMango stimulates the endocannabinoid system with its psychedelic fruit blend that features true landrace sativa Zamaldelica Express in its parentage. Weed tweekers rejoice – these are seeds any dedicated sativa fanatic will love.

Derived from Archive Seed’s Amnesia Haze BX1 crossed with their very own Walter White, Mephisto’s Fugue State also lends itself to some inspired sativa-derived chicanery.

See also: Lost Elephant by Twisted Tree; terpene and resin rich Sour Orange Haze by Mephisto; Ethos’ Sour Inzane & Citradelic Sunset; and the heavy colas of Night Owl’s Mandela Effect.

Stay up to date

OK, you’re ready to buy some winter seeds and pop. Make sure your tent or garden is carrying buds that are of legitimate parentage, match desired traits, and grow with vigour. Reading autoflower reviews and grow journals online is extremely helpful. It’s also smart to ask questions on grow chat forums to keep you updated.

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