The Apple Fritter weed variety is the Leafly HighLight of September 2022

You know what they say – an apple fritter a day keeps the anxiety at bay. That’s what they say, right? Well they should.

It’s apple season, Leafly Nation. We have a stack of Golden Delicious in one bowl and bowls of Apple Fritters in another. We balance the rush of summer’s end with the tart, delicious taste and upbeat afternoon vibes of this lively hybrid.

This nine-year-old strain consists of a Sour Diesel (Sour Apple) type and a Girl Scout Cookies (Animal Cookies) type. It’s now a top ten hit in the US, from LA to Maine. Shops sell Fritter Flower in jars and joints, infused pre-rolls and THC vape carts to princes and paupers alike. The slightly chilled hybrid effects are a great match for a brain break or some TV time. Watch The Rings of Power with your boo or play with the crew.

Congratulations, Apple Fritter – you’re September’s Leafly HighLight strain.

Apple Cake.  (Courtesy of Veritas, Colo.)Apple Cake. (Courtesy of Veritas, Colo.)

Apple Fritter’s slow, all-organic, well-deserved rise to national fame began in a garage in Sacramento, California—only now are we seeing its full bloom. The hybrid has an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 from 295 reviews on Leafly, with initial reviews starting in 2020 when we added it to the database. Leafy reviewers get relaxed, tingly and giggly on Fritter.

One said: “Super happy build-a-fortress type high followed by a really chilled chilled out high towards the end. Felt artistically inspired.”

One in five smokers said it helped them with anxiety, while others use it for stress or a gloomy mood.

“Calms me down and gives me an IDGAF attitude (which is great for me because I’m always worried about everything). I love this strain!”

– Leafly reviewer

Maximum THC can make beginners dizzy and anxious, so start with a small piece.

“I’m an old-school Cali smoker. All I can say is WOW,” said one reviewer.

How much does Apple Fritter cost?

Apple Fritter borders on commodity prices. At the lower end, Apple Fritter flirts with commodity prices. (Sascha Beck/Leafly)

Feast or hunger – Apple Fritter delivers. Portlanders can get their fritter for just $4 a joint and $12 a gram of dab. In Illinois or Massachusetts, expect to pay a lot more: $50 for an eighth of low-quality popcorn buds in Chicago; $80 for a THC vape cart from Fritter in Boston.

Expand and Apple Fritter crossbreeds abound like: Atomic Apple by Alien Labs (Fritter to Triangle Mints); Fritter Licker by Archive Seeds (to Face-Off OG); Grapple Pie #30 from Compound Genetics (on Grape Gasoline); and Your Highness’ Shady Apples (to Kush Mints #11).


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Apple Fritter Seeds

So many hot breeders are using fritter lines in 2022.So many hot breeders are working Fritter lines in 2022. (Sasha Beck/Leafly)

Independent Sacramento-area grower Lumpy turned Apple Fritter from a female Animal Cookies into an inverted sour apple (male) in the days of the Wild West for medicinal cannabis in 2013. Lumpy’s friend Shaun called her. You’ve tried to keep her with you, but good genes always escape.

“Apple Fritter was held for a while by a select few, but eventually found its way to people around the world,” Lumpy told Leafly.

So many hot breeders today use fritter lines. Check out Clearwater Genetics and their Sour Diesel ‘Warheads’ project with Fritter. Purple City Genetics (Fritter x Watermelon Zkittlez) sales were set to explode. In-House Genetics’ Apple Jax (Fritter to Pancakes) and Bloom Seed Co’s Fritter Banger (Fritter to Grape Cream Cake) should also crush it.

Apple Fritter Prices

(Sascha Beck/Leafly)

Apple Fritter’s parents, the strain itself, and their offspring have taken home multiple Cannabis Cup trophies and other accolades. Leafly honored Apple Fritter as a top strain to watch in early and late 2021. Today, she’s a top ten strain nationally, and all without a big rapper or a multi-million dollar marketing budget. Great ganja sells itself.

Apple Fritter Terpenes

Lumpy mixed a tart apple terp with a cookie base and cooked up a winner.Lumpy mixed a tart apple terp with a cookie base and cooked up a winner.

Lab samples labeled Apple Fritter have averagely high levels of caryophyllene, the basic pot flavor molecule. But look at the dominance of limonene and pinene. These three together probably lay the tart apple over the buttery moisture we love.

More highlights this September

Hey, who ate all the donuts? We’re not mad at you. It’s time to branch out anyway.

Apple Tartz

Leafly Nation, Fritter x 2020 Leafly Strain of the Year Runtz just makes sense in 2022. The captains at Clearwater Genetics have blessed us with super trendy, well executed Apple Tartz for fall. It’s tart, fruity, creamy, gassy, ​​and dark for late-night indulgence. We’ve made her a summer 2022 strain, and we should see tons of them this fall.

Sour diesel

Lake Grade Lemon Sour Diesel, from the High Times SoCal People’s Choice Sativa Flower Judge Kit. (David Downs/Leafly)

Discover the sour father side of the Apple family line with the famous Sour Diesel parent. This mythical, legendary, hugely popular hybrid sativa has more energy but less sweetness. Sour-D buds are smaller, greener, and more acidic than the kid.

Animal mints

keep it in the family Apple Fritter’s mother, Animal Cookies, marries a peppermint-flavored father (SinMint Cookies) to make Fritter’s half-sister, Animal Mints. The highly influential cross from top breeder Seed Junky Genetics continues to recode the weed world through more than seven generations of elite offspring including Kush Mints and Animal Face. The wildly high THC levels of this line almost guarantee cravings, so skip some healthy snacks for your stoned-to-be. Or not!

That’s it for September’s Leafly HighLight. did you like the apples See you in October for our next successful cannabis strain appreciation.

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