Strains for the Gemini Season: May 21 – June 21, 2022

Hello Stargazers and welcome to the season of twins! Strains for Gemini Season is part of our new monthly column where you can find the perfect strains to match your elemental sign and a strain that’s perfect for the current zodiac season.

The seasonal Gemini strain you shouldn’t be without

If you’ve ever seen a stranger take over a room at a party and tell a wild tale about a previous escapade, that person is probably a Gemini.

Gemini are the third sign on the zodiac calendar and the party animals of the zodiac kingdom.

Extroverted, incredibly sociable and strong-willed, Gemini are also known as wishy-washy. Geminis struggle with big life decisions, and their indecisiveness can pose challenges in their relationships and careers.

But in their midst, Geminis are sweet, considerate, and perhaps some of the most creative individuals on the planet. Because of this, you can expect Gemini season to bring a multitude of new experiences. Some will challenge you, some will test you, and some will truly bring joy.

To honor the spirit of the Zodiac Gemini and the dualities they possess, this season’s strain is Serious Happiness. This indica-dominant hybrid is known for its fruity aroma and happy, energetic, stress-busting effects. Users report that it hits hard and fast between the eyes, so be careful with new users!

tribes for air signs

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Sweet, sensitive, air signs who go with the flow, you will do well in Gemini season. Not only will Gemini energy be a welcome comfort, but you will also receive a lot of positive attention under this sign.

Look for ways to spread any luck that comes your way. Also, don’t worry about trying to please the crowd. Focus on authenticity and deep relationships, and the facade falls away. Your priorities become clearer the more you commit to being yourself.

If you want to tone down this Gemini season:

Purple Punch is an indica strain with 18% THC. Users describe this bud as fruity and calming. This one has some serious potency, so only treat yourself to a bowl of this if your dance card is clear and you’ve got an entire season of a show queued on Netflix.

If you’re looking for some energy this Gemini season:

Stick to a classic sativa like Sour Diesel. This bud is known for its incredibly strong aroma and users report that it’s great for relieving social anxiety before parties. With a moderate 19% THC, this strain makes a great daytime companion. So smoke up and be your tallest and boldest self this Gemini season.

Varieties for fire signs

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If there’s any other type of sign in the zodiac that understands Gemini, it’s the fire sign people. Fire goes well with air. However, the romantic flames this pairing can induce can get quite high, so be ready for intense 30’s of romantic pursuits. Dating entanglements aside, you can expect Gemini season to treat you well.

Your social circle will thrive and people will try to get outside and spend time together in nature. Take advantage of it! Organize hikes, bike adventures, camping or anything that brings you joy and a chance to get closer to the people you love.

If you’re looking for some energy this Gemini season:

Sunshine Daydream is an indica strain with a whopping 25% THC. The dominant terpene for this bud is limonene. Limonene is known for its stress-relieving effects. Use with caution. Or give it a try if you’re planning a night in it. This could be the perfect strain for a Zoom party or a small gathering of your favorite people. Just make sure there is good vibes only in your smoking circle.

If you want to tone down this Gemini season:

Channel your inner party animal with some Inzane In The Membrane. This sativa has 18% THC and a lemon aroma. Users report that this bud is super energizing. Perfect for a day at the park with your crew. Be warned: this strain can sneak up on you. So start small and go from there.


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Varieties for earth signs

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Buckle up, earthlings. As people who don’t generally deal well with unpredictable behavior, this Gemini season is a chance to stretch your comfort zone a bit. There will be a lot of chaos and socialization over the next 30 days.

Remember that chaos is not inherently bad or disruptive. When you’re willing to let someone else take the lead (and even make your own mistakes), you’ll experience a month of deeper connections, better communication, and a more relaxed version of yourself. Take this chance to live and let live.

If you want to tone down this Gemini season:

Don’t let the name fool you, Shark Shock is a seriously tempering indica strain. Her moderate 17% THC also makes her the perfect companion for an afternoon picnic with friends or, even better, a nap on the couch. Users say this is a great strain for relieving everyday stressors.

If you’re looking for some energy this Gemini season:

What can you go wrong with some tropical vibes and a delicious, classic sativa like Maui Wowie? Throw a small summer party and invite your friends. The smoking circles will be pleased with this bud, boasting a modest 19% THC and a myrcene-dominant terpene profile.

Earthy and energizing, users love Maui Wowie for its powerful effects on everyday aches and pains.

stems for watermarks

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Ah, water babies. Similar to the earth signs, you may have trouble finding your place this month. The good news is that most of you are experienced swimmers and know that rocky seas don’t last forever.

That said, this can still be a positive month if you’re leaning on your creative side. Make cards, send out invitations to a painting party or take a pottery class. If it’s artistic and gives your brain a chance to get into a state of flow, it will be an asset to you.

Don’t let unpredictable moods or poor planning make you feel less valuable. You are perfect just the way you are and this month is a chance to let the special and unique sides of you shine.

If you want to tone down this Gemini season:

Geminis love a little flash every now and then. Channel that with some Pink Rozay. This indica has 20% THC and a myrcene-dominant terpene profile. Users report that this bud tastes like berries and offers a very pleasant and heavy head high.

If you’re looking for some energy this Gemini season:

Take a trip down memory lane with some Candyland. This sativa strain offers up to 19% THC and a devilishly sweet aroma. Users report that this is the perfect party strain. With its uplifting effects, it will help get you in the mood to be sociable and creative.

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