Snoop microwaves his blunts, should you microwave your weed before smoking it too?

Microwaving marijuana is totally unnecessary, regardless of what you see online and what videos are popular on social media. Snoop microwaves his blunts before you smoke them? Is it true or an urban legend? Did this story start all the microwave cananbis talk?

Yes, your marijuana can be heated in the microwave. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should, as is the case with many other things you’re capable of.

Will Microwaving Your Marijuana Damage It? If you’re aware of the power of your microwave and the maximum amount of time you can leave marijuana in the microwave without burning it, then maybe not. Getting there may require some experimentation though, and why waste precious grass on something that isn’t necessary?

Food isn’t actually cooked in a microwave; rather, the microwave excites the molecules of the food through the vibrating water molecules within. The microwave heats the outside of the food, while heat transfer from the outside heats the inside.

Although most people have a 900-1,000 watt microwave, typical microwave power ranges from 600 to 1,200 watts. How quickly something heats up in your microwave is directly affected by the wattage; a higher wattage corresponds to a faster heat-up process.

The cannabinoids have a low boiling point and are mainly responsible for the high. THC has a far lower boiling point than CBD (356F versus 315F for THC). Therefore, heating your marijuana in the microwave runs the risk of destroying its active ingredients like THC, leaving you with a hard, dry bud that won’t deliver the high you want.


Using the microwave to cook your marijuana not only destroys the terpenes, but also puts the cannabinoids at risk. By causing the water molecules in the herb to vibrate, microwaves increase their temperature. This can lead to the release of volatile substances like terpenes that alter the taste, aroma, and maybe even the effects of your weed.


No it does not. Although some molds can be killed by microwaves, mold can be harmful to your health even when it’s not active. Even if they have been in the microwave, mycotoxins may still be present. Do not consume or smoke moldy cannabis, whether it has been microwaved or not.

You need gamma radiation, which microwaves don’t use, to eradicate mold on marijuana without damaging the cannabinoids.


There is very little scientific evidence to support the claim that you can decook your marijuana in your home microwave, but some commercial marijuana extraction processes use microwaves for the purpose of decoking.

The high heat output from your microwave initiates the decarboxylation reaction that converts the acidic cannabinoids to their neutral versions. However, have you ever heated food in the microwave only to find that some parts are still cool and others are sizzling hot? The same could happen if you use your microwave to heat your cannabis. Your marijuana decarboxylation will be uneven if you use the microwave since it doesn’t always heat things evenly.

Your lighter will take care of the de-charging when you roll a split or a blunt. It is not necessary to de-carb your marijuana before smoking.


To reiterate, heating marijuana can produce uneven effects at best. The greatest or most potent effects are not achieved by heating your marijuana or infusing butter in the microwave. Cannabutter can come out of a microwave oven with one side burned and the other undercooked due to the notorious injustice of microwave cooking.

There is also a chance that heating will destroy the beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids. A much better technique for making edibles with the perfect hit is using an infusion machine or a tried and true infusion method.

Reheat an already prepared food such as cookies or brownies in the microwave. The item should be given a maximum of fifteen seconds before it is removed. The edible already contains decarbed marijuana, so a quick microwave session doesn’t significantly change the chemistry of the edible.


Decarboxylation, also known as decarbing, of the chemicals in the weed after microwaving can alter the properties of the plant matter. In other words, it can turn one substance into another, and the new substance usually has stronger effects. For example, it converts tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) into tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

When marijuana is cooked at elevated heat of around 100 to 120 degrees Celsius, this process takes place. The heat facilitates this process faster. This process of decarbonization can still happen naturally without heat, but depending on how the cannabis is stored, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to months.

THCA is often considered dormant because it cannot induce a traditional “high,” although it may have certain therapeutic benefits that show it can interact with the human body. Cannabis users can be assured of experiencing intoxicating effects when converting THCA into THC.

The cannabis should not be heated for an excessively long time and then stored properly. Compounds like THC can break down through overheating and improper storage, reducing the potency of the product. After decarboxylation, marijuana should always be stored in an airtight container where it is protected from heat and light.


Rumor has it that Snoop Dogg microwaves his Doobies before smoking them. Every stoner, including Snoop, is free to use cannabis however they choose. However, there is no scientific evidence that heating cannabis in the microwave is beneficial and doing so for too long can potentially weaken the potency of the bud.

Snoop is somewhat right when he says that microwaving “tightens things up” and “locks in” the flavor. Any remaining water in the blunt’s casing evaporates in the microwave due to the excitation of water molecules, resulting in a tighter casing. But the flavor he’s referring to is likely coming from terpenes evaporating into the air, not his lungs.


There are no clear advantages or disadvantages to heating your cannabis in the microwave, although it is not required. While there are no salient benefits to heating your blunts in the microwave, it can negatively affect your cannabis if it is microwaved/exposed to heat for too long.




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