Smoked weed for the first time but didn’t get high? Here’s what could have happened

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No two people can have the same experience when they smoke weed for the first time. The science is that cannabis affects each user differently. Some overdo it, some get hungry, some stumble a little or fall asleep, some feel nothing at all. These reactions are completely normal. Not everyone has the opportunity to get cravings on their first try.

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Several factors determine how you respond to your first cannabis experience, including stress, your current mood, and the dosage or amount of cannabis ingested.

Smoking weed for the first time

Days, hours, or even minutes before anyone smokes cannabis for the first time, they await the famous coughing fits, euphoria, and endless possibilities that could ensue once the smoke reaches the lungs. However, few people imagine feeling no effect – zero buzz!

You can’t be sure of the effects of your first blunt until you’ve smoked it. You might be lucky enough to experience the highs, joy, increased energy and creativity right away. Or, conversely, you may feel anxious, sad, paranoid, or confused.

My first time smoking weed was preceded by a restless evening. I was so excited to see the world in a new light. I was more than ready. Just when I pulled the blunt that afternoon, the only reaction I experienced was a fit of coughing. Even after coughing I was hoping my high was lurking somewhere but still nothing! Note that I didn’t hit any medical strain. This confused me and I decided to find out what the hell happened.

It goes without saying that you are not alone if your first time is unenthusiastic, and this is not the end of your cannabis smoking journey.

Why you didn’t get high

As previously mentioned, everyone has their own unique body chemistry. Surely we all have the same basic chemical in our bodies; They are not all balanced in the same way, and we do not react the same to substances introduced.

Here are the reasons you didn’t get stoned and a few ways to fix them. If you don’t get it right on your next try, keep trying.

You didn’t smoke properly

Not everyone gets the technique of smoking right on the first try. It’s not a natural reaction or biological activity, more of an excuse for not knowing how to pull it off. Smoking ideally takes practice and is a gradual process. Because of this, after the first few attempts or more, you notice that you don’t experience the smoking bouts.

Tip: When you’re ready to try that joint or piece of glass again, make sure to consciously inhale deeply as soon as you take or appreciate the smoke. This breath pushes the THC-laden vape or smoke deeper into the lungs.

If you are an asthma patient using medicinal cannabis through inhalation, it is best to have your inhalers on hand for your first attempts.

You used the wrong strain of cannabis or the wrong product

As a first-time smoker, it’s very easy to choose the wrong strain or product, especially if you didn’t do enough research beforehand or bought your pack outside of a pharmacy. As a novice cannabis user, it would be a mistake to trust what a vendor gives you outside of a dispensary. It is common for suppliers to give out unsuitable, old or poorly grown cannabis to unsuspecting new customers.

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Tip: Experienced budtenders are available at legal cannabis dispensaries to guide you on the right strain to use to complement your mood. Joints purchased from these stores are also labeled with the THC content, cannabinoids, and terpenes present, as well as their manufacture and expiration dates.

Find a budtender with good reviews to source your cannabis from. The best way to identify good weed is to check for the presence of trichomes, a strong aroma, and a healthy green color.

Your brain doesn’t recognize cannabis yet

A standard theory about first-time cannabis users who don’t get high is that their brains have no idea what to do. When our body is first exposed to a new compound, it goes through a sensitization phase in which it builds a reverse tolerance to the compound. The more you expose your body to this particular substance, the more susceptible it becomes.

Your brain takes time to recognize THC, while your body takes time to crank up the production of CB1 and CB2 receptors. So you see, your brain might be excited to receive that first dose of THC; it cannot produce the desired reactions.

Tip: As you continue to hit these blunts correctly, you’ll find that over time your brain will adapt. Think of your blunts as a new instrument. Your brain needs time to master it.

You may have been unknowingly buzzed

It is possible that you felt something without realizing it. Most first-time smokers tend to chase after an experience without really knowing what they are looking for. So when it hits them in the face, they don’t notice it. You’ve probably been stoned in a subtle way, making you more relaxed, warm-hearted, and upbeat. But you were expecting the buzzing creativity or giggles that more beginners talk about.

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Tip: There is no need to experience anything significant on your first try. If you felt anything at all, feel anything at all! Next time you could up your dose or smoke more responsibly. It could be that you have an increased tolerance or your brain is still in the process of becoming familiar with THC.

bottom line

Bad products, the inability to smoke properly, subtle highs, or lack of brain response are major reasons why a first-time smoker might not get high. The simplest solution is to keep trying. If you keep trying, your brain will get used to cannabinoids, and in no time you’ll be on your way to supreme paradise. Even if it takes time, keep trying; You will reach the climax one day.

Remember that there is no right or wrong way on your first try. I am different, you are different. Relax and keep trying, and you’ll be high and good.

This article originally appeared on and has been republished with permission.

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