Quick ways to wind down when things get too high during the holidays

Enjoyment seems to be the key word of the holidays. Big meals, gifts galore, eggnog, sweets, social events, family – all of it happens faster than usual. And some indulge in alcohol and marijuana. While high alcohol consumption is one thing, marijuana can be treated. Here are quick ways to wind down during the holidays.

Here’s a solution for when things go wrong, because no one enjoys being super high and being asked by relatives about their job prospects or the people they’re dating.

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Drink some water

It may seem simple, but water is very important when it comes to managing a really intense high, especially if you’re the type of person who gets word of mouth. Drink something cold, preferably non-alcoholic or caffeinated, to avoid getting more drunk than you already are. And make sure you keep this drink. Take regular sips and refills to help you feel grounded. It might also be helpful to snack on something (not edibles!).

Go for a stroll

If you’re too high and can barely speak, maybe it’s time to go outside. A change of scenery and some fresh air can do wonders and also prevent people from looking at you strangely. Try to take your walk with someone you trust and who knows what’s going on with you. You don’t want to get lost in the middle of a Thanksgiving dinner party.

have a shower

If you can quickly escape and take a shower, do it. A quick shower can help you relax and distract from your high.

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Come down from the marijuana high – ThanksgivingPhoto by Gabriel Garcia Marengo via Unsplash

Distract yourself

Engaging in an activity that requires some concentration can also help you feel grounded and have better control of your senses. Try watching a little TV, playing a video game, concentrating on the delicious food without seeming hungry, or talking to a friend or relative you trust. When you are surrounded by family, keep your conversations to a minimum as this is the best way to avoid blowing your cover. Stick to basic questions and you should be fine.

Get ready to act

Most people won’t notice anything if you’re careful. So try to keep a cool head and remember that no one knows the depths of your high but you. If you think someone is looking at you strangely or asking you too many questions, just attribute it to marijuana-induced paranoia. The best thing you can do right now is to stay calm and remember that this is only a temporary condition.

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