How much do mushrooms cost?

Leafly’s guide to buying mushrooms.

The dawn of psychedelic mushrooms as a mainstream pastime and medicinal tool is here. Colorado and Oregon have decriminalized psychedelics alongside local communities such as DC, Ann Arbor, Oakland and San Francisco. As more people use them, more vendors have popped up to give people what they want – at a price.

If you’re comfortable looking for them, here’s how much cash you should have on hand to ensure you have enough mushrooms.

What is the average price of mushrooms?

The price of mushrooms as a Schedule 1 substance has no set standard. Your location and the intensity of local laws can change your options and the prices set by suppliers – low supply means high demand and likely higher prices. Should you make these efforts, online providers may deviate from the personal prices.

How much does a gram of mushrooms cost?

A gram of mushrooms costs around $10, depending on the type of mushroom, with an average range of $7 to $15. One gram of mushrooms is often considered a microdose, enough to induce some of the euphoric and creative effects of mushrooms without the hallucinations or intense visual effects. Keep in mind that shrooms’ illegal status means most sellers have little incentive to sell shrooms by the gram, and you’ll likely need to invest in a larger quantity.


Because of this, the police are raiding psychedelic mushroom stores in major cities

How much is an eighth of mushrooms?

Ideally, an eighth of mushrooms won’t cost you more than $40. Many sources point to $30 as the price point for mushrooms. One eighth for reference is 3.5 grams. Consuming a full eighth of shrooms in one sitting is more than enough for a full trip of melting images and perhaps philosophical musings. Eighth mushrooms can cost more or less depending on the type of mushroom and the freshness of the harvest.

How much is a quarter ounce of mushrooms?

A quarter or 7 grams of mushrooms is a great deal if you’re planning on making something with friends. Seven grams for one person could be too much for all but the most experienced psychonauts, even causing dizziness, nausea and vomiting. A quarter ounce of mushrooms is priced around $55 to $75, depending on the type and vendor. A good guide price for larger quantities is $100 for a half ounce (14g) and $200 for a full ounce (28g).

How much is a pound of mushrooms?

Given their illegality, it’s almost impossible to find a dealer who will sell you a full pound of shrooms – legal ramifications for possessing shrooms and other psychedelics still carry several years in prison, depending on the quantity, and fines running into the thousands of dollars. Mathematically, a pound of mushrooms averages about $2,500.

white phallic mushrooms with orange caps in a black tub(Courtesy of Mushly)

Factors affecting the cost of Magic Mushrooms

Because most psychedelics, including mushrooms, remain a Schedule 1 substance, they are unregulated and have no set market price. There are many local factors that can make your mushroom purchase easy or difficult.

Location & Legality Status

Location in the US is crucial for access to mushrooms. Urban centers like New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago are bound to be littered with mushroom suppliers. But buying mushrooms in Texas, for example, can look very different than buying mushrooms in Santa Cruz, California, where a number of entheogenic plants, including mushrooms, have been decriminalized. Check your local laws before beginning your mushroom endeavor.

mushroom species

Not all mushrooms are the same. Different types of mushrooms have different amounts of psilocybin and other psychedelic compounds, and therefore fetch different prices. A rare, super-potent strain like Penis Envy will fetch higher prices than more accessible strains like Psilocybe cubensis.


Are Penis Envy mushrooms actually 2-3x stronger than other strains?

Type of mushroom product

Not a fan of raw mushrooms? Do not worry! Many vendors now make mushrooms in a variety of dosage forms, including pralines, gummies, and capsules, so you can avoid that gnarly mushroom flavor while still getting your desired dose. However, due to the cost of production and packaging, expect to pay more for gummy bears or chocolate than for a batch of pure mushrooms.

Where do you get mushrooms?

In 2022, there have never been so many ways and options to buy mushrooms. Each of these mushroom options comes with its own price and associated risks, so use caution and consider your options carefully before purchasing or purchasing magic mushrooms.

  • Buy them from your local, trusted retailer
  • Buy online from a secure website (we do not recommend this)
  • Search for mushrooms in the wild
  • Buy a kit and grow your own mushrooms

What is the cheapest way to get mushrooms?

Psilocybin Strips(Sergej/AdobeStock)

Getting the cheapest magic mushrooms follows the same adage as getting the cheapest cannabis: grow your own! Unfortunately, this also poses a legal risk, as no state has legalized psychedelics like shrooms to the extent that they have legalized cannabis – there are no home grow laws to protect shroom growers. But if you accept the risks, many websites sell spurs and kits to get you started.

There’s also mushroom hunting in the wild, but that gets tricky for amateurs. It’s hard to tell the good mushrooms from the bad; The last thing we want is accidental mushroom poisoning. If you wish to forage for food, we recommend that you only do so with an experienced guide, or after foraging, have your mushrooms inspected by an expert before consuming them.

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