Here’s how to be discreet with your weed when you’re home for the holidays

The holidays are here. Whether that means entertaining guests at home or traveling to visit family members, it’s a difficult position for anyone who enjoys getting high on a regular basis.

While everyone has a different tolerance for that weird smell of weed, it’s nice to be polite when spending time with others, especially when you’re in their area. The holidays are also not the best time to have a weed fight with family, so it’s understandable to seek discretion.

Thanks to the wide variety of marijuana products out there, now is also the easiest time to smoke and consume weed discreetly. Here are some options that might make it easier to get high no matter who you’re spending the holidays with:

Find the right time

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While the holidays are jam-packed with activities, there are always little pockets where you can have some alone time. Take advantage of these whether you’re home alone or driving to the grocery store quickly. To hide the traces of weed in the car, keep it in a sealed container and be sure to leave your windows open. A sploof or a smoke buddy is also helpful in these cases.

Buy a vape pen

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The best thing you can do for smoking discreetly is to buy a vape pen. This item is useful not only for the holidays but all year round as it simplifies the smoking process and allows you to get high without releasing any herbaceous smells and without having to pack a head, roll a joint, etc. If you want to be super safe, test the pen with a sober friend who can tell you if the cartridge works or if you need to buy something that smells lighter.

Get high outside

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Getting high outdoors is the smartest and easiest thing to do, but it’s also important to look out for others and obey the laws of your state. While not a full-time solution, adding weed to your walks and getaway times can be a healthy way to get away from your family and have some much-needed alone time. Remember that you have to go back to your apartment and face whoever you live with, so don’t get too high and take some gum and perfume with you.

buy edibles

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Edibles are convenient and eliminate smoke or paraphernalia, which are always annoying things to deal with when spending time with others. They can be consumed together with other people without them knowing any better. Just monitor your dosage in case you don’t feel like pretending you’re not high when you really are.

Practice your poker face

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When using weed around parents or frowning on roommates, it’s always important to be discreet. Be aware of other people’s preferences and make sure your marijuana use is not an inconvenience to anyone. Practice your poker face and relax as best you can; Most of the time, if your eyes are a little red and you’re acting a little giggly, people are too busy to notice.

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