Hangover on vacation? Here’s how to stop it before it strikes

Vacation plans can change, but two things are almost always certain: drinking and eating. As we age, our hangovers tend to get worse, which is why it’s important to make a plan before drinking so you don’t lose an entire day to alcohol-induced nausea and brain fog.

Hangovers are complicated things that happen when your blood alcohol levels drop significantly. While there are no direct ways to prevent a hangover, there are ways to lower your chances if you keep your pace and stay hydrated. Here are some tips that can help you stay hydrated while reducing your chances of having a bad time the next day.

Take your preparation seriously

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When trying to avoid a hangover, preparation is key. If you know you’re going out, try to make a plan and have a filling meal before your trip. This will slow down your body’s rate of absorption of alcohol (Can you prevent a hangover by eating a large meal?).

Drink slowly

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Once outside, try your best to drink slowly. It’s difficult, but it’s the most reliable way to stave off a hangover and give your body time to process alcohol. According to health experts, it takes your liver up to an hour to digest each drink. An easy way to keep track of how much you’ve consumed is to add a cocktail emoji to your notes app and keep a clear time frame.

Drink a glass of water per drink

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Drinking water is crucial when it comes to preventing a hangover and keeping your body hydrated when it needs it most. While it’s difficult to limit yourself to one drink per hour, it’s easier to have a glass of water per drink. This act alone will slow your alcohol consumption and fill your system with much needed fluids.

Avoid shots

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Experts recommend sticking to alcoholic beverages with a low ABV (alcohol by volume) percentage. These beverages include beer, wine, or mixed drinks, especially when sipped leisurely rather than chugged. Shots tend to contain larger amounts of alcohol, leading to worse hangover symptoms for many people.

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